Glossary (Updated 16/7/2012)


... and The Puddin' Pops - Personal slang derived from Bill Cosby: etc, literally "and the whatnots".
"Anyway, we delivered the bomb." - Jaws, the crew on the back patio: phrase used to kill off a story that went nowhere. I can't remember if it was Carson or Little John who got long-winded with a story with no resolution (and for all I know, in all likelihood, it was me), but I broke off the end of Quint's monologue in Jaws as a means of capping off a meandering story.
Arrish - Personal slang: Irish, pronounced by saying Irish and affecting a fake Irish accent. Variants include Arland (Ireland) and the prefix Norn (Northern, for Northern Irish and Northern Ireland).
Arse - Brit. Eng. slang: ass. Notably differs from Amer. Eng. "ass" for usage in terms of coercion, convincing, motivating, etc. Ex. In the British Isles, you would say, "My roommate can't be arsed to do the dishes lately," where in the States you wouldn't say "My roommate can't be assed to do the dishes lately."
Awesometastic - Personal slang: portmanteau of "awesome" and "fantastic".

Bad Bitch - The Old Man: a term of endearment for a woman deserving of such admiration that you seriously do not try to fuck with her. The Old Man used it one night when I was in high school to describe his mother: "Oh, no, [her name] was a bad bitch, man. All us boys [his brothers] would sit around the table with our beers and your grandmother would drink us all under it! No! you couldn't fuck with her!" Since then, I've applied the term "bad bitch" sparingly; to me, it is a sort of sought after rank for a woman to aspire to. It helps if she has some Arrish in her.
Bean(s) - Tito, slang: dollar(s). Generally used for smaller amounts, not common but not unacceptable would be twenty beans, sixty five beans, etc.
Bébé's Kid(s) - Amer. cinema: any unchecked brat, five and under, who runs amok without repercussion.
Because Fuck That. - Demi, slang: used for when you actually don't have a good reason to not do something. Ex. When you ask your roommate why they don't do the dishes and they say, "Uh, because fuck that."
Billy Hell - Differing etymologies: wild, excessive, unchecked. If it rains Billy Hell, it's a torrential down pour. If the furnace is running all Billy Hell, your house is sweltering (and your heat bill will be jacked). If your roommate doesn't do the dishes, they're piling up Billy Hell.
Bint - Arabic: daughter, girl. Picked up by the British Empire when they occupied pretty much everywhere back in the day, basically turned it into the equivalent of "bitch-lite" as I understand it.
Bird - Brit. Eng. slang: young lady.
Bodega - Spanish: market, generally a little corner joint. More popularly used out on the east coast.
Bricking Out - Personal slang related to audio engineering: a signal that absolutely eradicates the headroom, thus, the digital visual representation of the signal looks like just one big brick.
Broad - Differing etymologies, slang: woman. The Yankee version of "bint", really.
Bubala - Yiddish: sweetie, dear.
Buckle Up and Fix a Cocktail - Drunk driving, slang: get comfortable. "Buckle up" because shit's about to go downhill and "fix a cocktail" because we're going to be here a while.

Cal - Russian: shit.
Cat - Amer. Eng. slang: guy.
Catholic holiday - personal slang: reason to get drunk or an expression of how much alcohol is about to be consumed or was consumed.
C'est la vie - French: such is life. Most of the time, I use it when I miss an opportunity to get laid.
Ceiling - Audio engineering: the absolute highest amplitude that can be presented on a recording medium.
Chads and Trixies - Christine, Chicago slang: frat kids. I think it's Chicago slang, anyhow. I never heard it before I went there.
Cunting - Differing etymologies: similar to the expressive "fucking" but not the act "fucking". Ex. You wouldn't cunt your roommate but your cunting roommate can't be arsed to do the dishes. (And admit it: you didn't know you could put -ing on the end of it until you saw the Exorcist.)

Decibel (dB) - Audio engineering: a unit of relative measurement, used for measuring the loudness of a sound source or an audio signal.
Dirty Thirty - North Dakota, slang: a thirty pack of beer. I believe it's from North Dakota anyway, I never heard anybody say it before I met North Dakotans.
(The) Draper - Mad Men, season two, episode three, slang: a barbaric but effective method of reminding somebody just who the shot caller is up in this piece. Example. Variations include "The Don Draper" and "Don Draper" (definite article dropped). One can "give someone the Don Draper" or "Draper someone", it really doesn't matter whether it's used in the noun or verb form. Anybody conscious during 2008 will get what you mean.
Droog - Russian: friend.
Dun Deh-Nun Deh-Nun - Blues music, personal slang: to the tune of Muddy Waters's "Mannish Boy", this text representation of music follows the phrase "I woke up this morning". Optionally may additionally follow the phrase that would follow "I woke up this morning". Ex: I woke up this morning (dun deh-nun deh-nun) and I stepped on a squirrel (dun deh-nun deh-nun). Like that.
Dying (Off of) - Amer. Eng. slang: laughing.


Ferfucksake - Steve Earle listed it as a favorite word in an article I once read: "For fuck's sake."

Gotdamn - 23/6 webcomic: goddamn(ed). White appropriation, in text form, of the hardened consonant sound stereotypically found in black speech.
Guy - Amer. Eng. slang: used as formal address for a male in place of his name. Ex. "Hey, guy, can you do the dishes?"

Hank Hill Bah! Shocked reaction. Witness:
Hate-On - personal slang: the kind of hard-on you get from hating or being a hater. When you hate something so much you get a little aroused from hating it.
Head - Naval slang: toilet, lavatory. The crew's toilet was often at the head of the ship.
Headroom - Audio engineering: the amount of amplitude left available on a recording medium; the difference between the medium's ceiling and the peak of the audio signal.
(Kilo)Hertz ((k)Hz) - Audio engineering: a unit of definite measurement used to assert the pitch of a sound source or an audio signal.
Hundy - EA forums, slang: a hundred dollars, hundred pounds, etc. There is no derivation between singular and plural form, so one hundred is "a hundy" and two hundred is "two hundy" and so forth. Note that one hundred is "a hundy" and not "one hundy". That's because "one hundy" sounds clumsy. Also note that if you were to say "two hundies", you would be specifying the bills/notes/etc.
Hydrocephalic - Medicine: the condition of having water on the brain.



Knock One Out of the Park - Baseball, personal slang: masturbate.

Le Sigh - Personal slang with a French twist: you see a pretty girl, you make the noise of the wistful capturing of your heart. For, you see, your heart is pierced by Cupid's arrow.
Lil Jon What? - Inquisitive reaction. Best illustrated by Dave Chappelle:
Listen to a Black Flag Record with... - Black Flag's Slip It In, personal slang: engage in coitus
Litso - Russian: face.
Loosey - Chapelle's Show: A loose cigarette you buy at the bodega. You can actually do this but they're priced insanely. 50¢/cigarette.

Merkin - Brit. Eng.: pubic wig.
Milk Sucker - Little John, slang: baby, infant, child. Actually, Little John got lit up one night and forgot the word "nipple". In trying to explain what he meant, he said "milk sucker", which everybody at the table took to be a derogatory term for a small child. Then it stuck that way.
Mon Frere - French: my brother. Use it the same way you'd use "hombre" and you'll be alright.
Moof - Personal slang: That insane amount of midrange room sound you get on your demo cassette when you use one microphone in the middle of the room too far from the instruments.
Mouth Breather - Eng. slang: A slow or stupid person. Multiple etymologies all cite medical issues of varying severity.
My Guy / My Man - Personal slang: the guy you always see behind the counter at the bodega, the bank, you know his name, you've exchanged pleasantries, but you're not hanging out or anything. That would be a bit weird for some reason. Can also be applied to the guy you wind up taking smoke breaks with, that relationship is a little more familial.

[Name](-y) Mc[Name](-le or -er)-stein - Amer. Eng. slang: popular put down that states the obvious about a person in a derisive manner while completely ignoring the obvious contradictory naming conventions of the Scots and the Jews. Say you have an obnoxious party guest who looks like an Ewok, you would call him "Drinky McEwokstein" or "Wicket McTipsystein" or something. I knew a meth head who got into new age aura cleansing, thus "Methy McChakrastein". Like that.
Nerd Hot - Personal slang: a degree of attractiveness that also indicates a particular level of intellect or perhaps shared interest in an obscure matter. Do not try to Google this term because apparently all it means to Google is any ol' broad with glasses.
Nilla - A black guy said it once, that makes it OK: white person. Do you want a term of endearment for your white friends? This is just like that word you can't say but it comes from "vanilla" so it's as bland and inoffensive as your honky ass. Though we all know what it's really referencing. You racist.
Noise Floor - Audio engineering: the threshold of a recording medium; kind of like the quietest level available. But not really. Something like that.
NoDak - North Dakota: North Dakota. Unknown as to whether there is a "SoDak". Fairly certain there is no "NoCar" or "SoCar", pretty positive there is no "WeVir". I guess when you live in NoDak, you have to amuse yourself somehow.
NWOH - Personal slang: northwest Ohio.

Old Lady - Amer. Eng. slang: lady-friend, esp. long-term and cohabitating. Occasionally used for "mother". People who use it like that are weird, though.
Old Man - Amer. Eng. slang: father, unless you're into guys.

Phase (°) - Audio engineering: a unit of definite measurement for defining the the time-based relation of one sound source or audio signal to another.
Ponce - Brit. Eng. slang: derogatory term aimed at males. I've variously read it means a faux intellectual, a slacker, a pimp, and synonymous with "faggot". So if you just want to piss a guy off, throw this one at him, I guess. It'll work somehow.
Putz - Yiddish: a fool, literally foreskin. According to author Harlan Ellison, schmuck and putz are kind of the same thing but if you call someone who speaks any Yiddish a putz, you had best know some sort of martial art. So use that one sparingly, kids.


Reconnoiter - French military: look, it doesn't mean this anymore because I said so. It now means, "reorder, reorganize, or rework".
Rolling (From) - Amer. Eng. slang: laughing.
Rotter - Brit. Eng. slang: Despicable person.

Say "Good Morning", Junior - Personal slang: masturbate upon waking.
Scally Cap - Brit. Eng.: flat cap, popular in the UK and in the US with folks of Britonic Celt lineage. You used to see newsboys wearing them. Golfers and punkers still do.
Schlub - Yiddish: basically a frumpy man, a slob. If your roommate is the kind of person who wears four day old socks and has Cheeto dust all over their clothes, that's a schlub.
Schmuck - Yiddish: a fool beset with bad luck, literally foreskin.
Shite - Brit. Eng. slang: shit.
Shitful - Australian slang: horrible, dreadful, bad. Actually, I've heard it only once but that won't stop me from trying to work it in everywhere.
Skinnybitchitis - personal slang: a disease that causes the afflicted to make close-minded snap judgments about the physical appearances of others. For example, an average body mass index is considered 'fat' and a few years older is considered 'old'. I'm pretty sure I heard this from somewhere, more than likely has something to do with season one episode two of Archer when Pam tells Cheryl that Cheryl needs to get a skinnybitchectomy. Also, this word should not be confused with Skinny Bitch Syndrome, which I found when I was trying to think of where I came up with this. Since I can't seem to find an accurate source, I'm going to go ahead and claim ownership of this one.
SLUF - U.S. Military slang: affectionate term for the A-7 Corsair II; Short Little Ugly Fucker, which I plan to use for just about everything not aeronautically related.
Smurf - Cartoon, personal slang: rockabilly enthusiast. I chose the term "Smurf" to illustrate the exaggerated uniformality of rockabilly revivalist culture.
Snabble - EA forum poster Marsupialized, slang: mojo. Ex. "Is it that you think that you are such hot shit that after a few tastes of your snabble, they'll never, ever be able to move on, they are sure to be obsessed with you for the rest of their life?"
Sod - Brit. Eng. slang: sodomite, used pretty liberally and basically unoffensively. Classic example can be found in the chorus to Sex Pistol's "Seventeen": "I'm a lazy sod". Can be used as a verb, "sod it" is equivalent to "fuck it".
Square(s) - Differing etymologies: cigarette(s). Said to come from prison slang, military slang, and derived from the shape and brand of various rolling papers.
Statey - Northwest Ohio slang: state highway patrol officer.
Sturmble - Invented slang: a combination of the words "stammer", "stutter", "murmur", and "mumble". Used when there is absolutely no hope to describe how utterly useless the path from one's brain to one's mouth is.
Suthan - Personal slang: Southern, from below the Mason-Dixon line, especially anyone who struts around in a manner reminiscent of Colonel Sanders or Foghorn Leghorn. Pronounced by affecting a fake southern accent.

Take the Paint Off - Personal slang: method of measuring the effectiveness of an alcoholic beverage. For example, Last night I discovered that a six pack of Busch tallsies (see below) takes the paint off as efficiently as a twelver (see below) of Pabst for half the price. I'm pretty sure I've heard this phrase used elsewhere, so I'm hesitant to claim full ownership.
Talking Meatball Syndrome - Personal slang: an affliction in which sufferers note that they have superior aesthetic taste over another, such as when one person claims that they have an elevated sense of the arts because they like adaptations of classical and Victorian literature and the person they talk to happens to like a show with "a talking meatball".
Tallsy (-ies) - Personal slang: pint (16oz) can(s). Taller than a normal beer can (12oz) but shorter than a proper tall boy which stands at 24oz.
Th'fuck - Personal slang: literally "what the fuck?" To pronounce it properly, let the "th" slide into the "f" with as little vowel sound as possible between the two. It gets easier to do the more from Ohio you are.
That's How You Eat Your Spätzle - Janis, slang: an exclamatory for when something is done correctly, particularly useful for boasting and showing off. Janis and I went to the Black Forest one time and Janis watched this kid dump a metric shit ton of cheese sauce on his spätzle to which she remarked the phrase in question. We immediately agreed that it will be the new hit slang term of Fall 2010.
Tolchok - Russian: push, shove. Used in Nadsat for "hit".
Totes - Amer. Eng. slang: totally. Completely annoying way the young'uns are saying "totally". Used only for comedic effect.
Troglodyte - Latin: literally cave dweller. Used for a person who approaches something ass backward.
Twelver - Personal slang: a twelve pack of beer.


Vajayjay - Etymology?, slang: vagina. Despite that the word "vagina" is not spelled with the letter "j".

Wat Traysh - Personal slang: white trash. Pronounced by affecting a "low brow" accent.
Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. - NATO phonetic alphabet slang: what the fuck?



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