Cast of Recurring Characters

(in alphabetical order) (by first name)

Adam aka 72Westie: Contributing author, Ohio correspondent, concert taper, proprietor of BG Cycle, and gave KRAKOA their first practice space. Charlie and Adam used to scream Tool lyrics at each other.
Alex: His parents own the hostel.
Angie Doom: an ex-girlfriend of Charlie's from years ago. If Charlie has a story from 2004 to 2007, chances are pretty good that she has a role in it to some degree.
Carson: Consistently the best dressed guy in the room from Alabama. Showed up here round about the same time as Little John did.
Dave"r": Former contributing author; was MIA forever so he was let go. Known for his exhaustive knowledge of English.
Fernando: Works sometimes over at the bodega Charlie goes to.
Georgie: an ex-girlfriend of Charlie's and his current coworker.
Ghandi: The cat what runs the bodega down on 3rd.
Janis: Georgie's sister who lived and worked at the hostel for a while. Charlie's favorite drinking partner.
Joe: Charlie's brother. Bassist in KRAKOA, guitarist in Rapeseed, bassist in Gouda Nuffs. Contributing author. One time, Angie Doom emailed Charlie to tell him that Joe horked a loogie into her fudge ripple sundae and Daver got excited, claiming it was straight up mafia shit and that the only way it would be better is if Joe gave Angie Doom the va' fa' un culo gesture.
Joe Free Lance aka One Mr. J. F. Lance: Charlie's old neighbor, worked at Fur Seal until it was shut down. Drank with Charlie on his back porch a lot.
Kristy, popularly known as The Hairdresser: Informally dated Charlie during the winter of '08/'09. Turned out Charlie was her side thing. Punched Charlie during sex.
Little John: Long term hostel guest from Virginia by way of California. Frequent drinking partner and co-lady watcher. Has two entries in the glossary.
The Old Man:
Rich: Charlie's neighbor. A young'un.
Scot T: Guitarist in The Robin Hood Hills, once played drums in KRAKOA. Wrote one post for Sound Design and Assembly but forgot his login info after that. Has shite cell phone service.
Tom aka Basement Tom, Upstairs Tom, and Roommate Tom: Guy that Charlie lived with. Held record for most appearances on the podcast.
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