About the guy that writes most of this...

...Charlie Pauken is a musician, graphic artist, and blogger based in Minneapolis, MN. Charlie began playing in and drawing fliers for punk and metal bands in Northwest Ohio in his teens. By the time he was twenty four, he figured it was time to get his shit together and go to college.
...Deciding that the only thing that ever really interested him was music, Charlie decided to attend the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, where he graduated cum laude with an Associate of Applied Sciences in Audio Production and Engineering. It should be noted that this is not hard to do.
...During his time at IPR, Charlie began blogging as a means of sending open letters to friends back in Ohio. The posts at first concerned tired "life in the big city / fish out of water" stories about dating, drinking, and working. As time went on, however, Charlie Is Better Than You seemed childish and Charlie began focusing his attention on music: record reviews, recording journals, recording technology, music news, and (more often than not) blue humor. Rechristening the blog after the unused long form of his band's name, Sound Design and Assembly became the documentation wing of KRAKOA1 2. Known for hosting features such as the nationwide "tour" of bad musician wanted ads, a ten-part tutorial on drum programming, and often featuring recording charts explaining the process behind each KRAKOA record, Sound Design and Assembly has also notably (read: "reluctantly") hosted such features as a fund raiser to purchase Charlie a mail order bride (the proceeds would have actually paid his student loans), satirical yet true incident reports from his day job, and a feature best left described by its title, "Not Safe For Wednesday". When you force yourself to come up with a thousand words every day, not only are you going to run out of ideas but, most of the time, you'll be lucky to knock out fifty words.
...In 2008, Charlie launched the blogcast "Outright Lies", named after his old radio show at WBGU FM in Bowling Green, Ohio, which eventually simplified its name to "Sound Design and Assembly". The half-hour to hour long audio program features Charlie producing and hosting a discussion about music and politics with roommates and friends over a few drinks or occasionally even calling friends he made in North Carolina and Israel. That same year, his production skills for "Sound Design and Assembly" were recognized by Radio Addiction from KOTO FM in Telluride, CO who asked him to put together a X-mas special for the discussion board they were both members of.
...In 2009, Charlie was nearly taken on as an intern at Decibel in Philadelphia but couldn't find a paying gig out there. In 2010, the band Cursed Arrows were flattered enough by a review he wrote up that they gave him a copy of their record and posted his review up in seemingly every place on the web. Later in 2010, he received a very nice acknowledgment from Kenneth Schaffer, aka the Guy Who Invented Wireless Guitar Systems. These three things are pretty much the closest things to accolades Charlie has received for his writing. People seem to like his band more. They still don't buy the records, though.
...Charlie's literary influences are Anthony Burgess, George Orwell, Lester Bangs, and Marvel Comics. He's already aware that he's unable to write in a manner similar to any of them, so you don't need to point that out.
 ...Charlie doesn't make any money at this, really. But if you think he writes a decent article now and again, don't be afraid to offer him some freelance work. Just contact him through sounddesignandassembly@gmail.com. To make ends meet (read: "pay off crippling debt at the rate of tectonic plates shifting"), he presently manages the Minneapolis International Hostel in the Washburn Fair Oaks Historic Mansion District of the Whittier Park Neighborhood in the Powderhorn Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He likes to type out the whole thing because it's silly that a place should have that long-winded of a descriptor.
He is a committed Detroit Tigers fan.

Founded the Straightaways and Cannibal Sativa Recording Group
Recorded Snake, Lizard, Maneater, Cannibal EP

Recorded Fiend, Fucker, Murderer, Star and Cockfighter LPs
Dissolved the Straightaways

2002 - 2003
Founded and dissolved Tremor of Intent
Hosted "Outright Lies" on WBGU FM

Founded KRAKOA

Recorded Colossus EP
Compiled Ratskins EP

Founded Charlie Is Better Than You
Recorded The Golden Calf EP, compiled Cathal Brugha LP, and recorded IO - The Kilowatt Hour LP

Dissolved Charlie Is Better Than You
Founded Sound Design and Assembly
Recorded Do the 2-Step single and Over That Wall, the Orchard is on Fire LP
Graduated Cum Laude with an AASAPE degree from the Institute of Production and Recording in Minneapolis, MN

Began hosting / producing / engineering the "Sound Design And Assembly" blogcast.
Recorded I Hear Movements in the Boudoir LP, 5 Songs EP, and Cosmonaut Victory Future single
Assembled the "PRF X-mas Challenge" podcast from the original broadcast recordings

Offered an administrative internship at Decibel Magazine
Recorded Days Without Eating EP and Explorations in Low Fidelity LP

Took over as manager of Minneapolis International Hostel
Review of Cursed Arrows' Telepathic High Five linked to on several sites by the band
Wrote screenplay for comedic short film, Blood Terror of the Wolf Fiend (remains unfilmed) (long story)
Received letter of acknowledgment from Kenneth Schaffer, inventor of the wireless guitar system, in regards to a short biographical piece
Remix of "Song 18" by The Austerity Program won grand prize in The Austerity Program's record release contest
Recorded Century Gothic LP
Recorded the Yubitsume singles series; writing, recording, and releasing one single per week; twelve in all over the course of thirteen weeks

Post "The Probability of Being Executed by Stoning" due to be published in the inaugural issue of the music and culture magazine, The Aluminum Beard. (We'll see when that actually happens.)
Recorded Unrelenting Bombast LP
Graphic art piece, "Martiarella" featured as cover art to the fourth quarter installment to the PRF Singles Club
Placed second (out of two, so that means I lost) in the Black Forest Inn's Oktoberfest menu cover contest

Assisted in the construction of the Minneapolis entry at ATCOT.
Started a band with Chad from Thunder Bay, Ontario's Reverb Bomb. We still don't have a name for this band.
Began the satirical blog, Stories About Prince.
Cussed more than any human being ever has after watching the Tigers choke in the World Series.
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