26 January, 2016

Bizarre Coincidence of the Day (After Close Edition)

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I said SD&A is dead last week but the thing is that I've been immersing myself in Latin culture lately for the erroneous prospect of becoming functionally bilingual. Much like I never exercised but factory work kept me buff, I figure if I go to the marqueta every weekend for mis cacahuates y ajos - chinga te, pendejo - I'll eventually have the grasp on a sixth grade level of Spanish that I wouldn't get from studying. Thus, I subscribed to Mitú, the site that brought you those "Cholos Try" videos.
Today, between mail runs (I have an office job now, don't know if I ever told you) I took a quiz to discover my Latina Diva Spirit Animal. ¿Por que no? You'll take some Facebook quiz over what kind of cake you'd poop if you could poop cake, don't tell me shit about having a Latina Diva Spirit Animal and the quiz I need to take to discover that.
Anyway, my results came back that Latina Diva Spirit Animal - Chinga te. - is Gloria Trevi.
I know nothing about Gloria Trevi.
Naturally, I look up Gloria Trevi to see who my Latina Diva Spirit Animal - Chupas mis huevos. - is and this is the first song I hear, "Doctor Psiquiatra" from 1989's ¿Qué Hago Aqui?:
From the goddamned get go, I think, This sounds like "Baby Doll" from Tapeheads. Really, cold check it:
Here's the thing: It's easy to say, "Holy shit, Charlie! It's a rip off! Wait! ... When did what come out first?"
Well, Tapeheads was released in 1988 and, again, ¿Qué Hago Aqui? was released in 1989 but consider this: First of all, it takes a long time to make a movie. Whenever I see the release year of a movie, I consider it as having been made the year before that. Secondly, I have this notion, probably super unfounded, that pop records like ¿Qué Hago Aqui? take just as much time to make because yeah, something something In Utero was made in ten days or something but something something Mariah Carey blah blah blah Beyonce something Phil Spector. I don't know how to make a pop record, is what I'm saying. But there're these people who just write songs all day, like it's their job or something, their called songwriters. Chances are that "Doctor Psiquiatra" could've been sitting in a stack of papers on somebody's piano for a while long while, perhaps even before Devo wrote the Cube Squared song, "Baby Doll". I don't know, I wasn't there for any of this. Maybe "Doctor Psiquiatra" was written specifically for ¿Qué Hago Aqui?, maybe the songwriter saw Tapeheads and thought, "¡Maldito, eso es el gancho!" Maybe Devo heard some early version of "Doctor Psiquiatra" and thought, "Damn, that's the hook!" Or maybe it's just a bizarre coincidence that two songs that entered public consciousness within a year of each other were possibly written around the same time and sound alike, at least in the hook. I don't know, something something something "Eighties" blah blah blah "Come As You Are" yada yada yada not the same anyway fuck it.

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