21 September, 2013

Recent Love (Is Recent Love Edition)

Tyranny Is Tyranny, Let It Come From Whom It May
OK, PRF. For real. I get it. Victory and Associates sounds like a porny thing when abbreviated. Now you hand me Tyranny Is Tyranny? Really?
Tyranny Is Tyranny swings - oh, god, that could have come out wrong - between gentle, nearly romantic melodic metal and big, nasty rifftastic metal. Their website says they're post-metal. Well, I don't know what the fuck post-metal is. I don't know what a lot of shit is. Like last week when I said Boddicker was metal, M. told me they were more like power violence. I don't know what the fuck power violence is. I know what metal is, though, so fuck it, I'm calling Tyranny Is Tyranny metal. Yes, even though I have this LP filed under "punk" on my hard drive. I've told you before that I don't know shit and that I can't be trusted. Honestly, I don't know why you keep coming back here.
Back to the point, Tyranny Is Tyranny is the kind of metal that bookworms will like - they take their name from a chapter in a Zinn book, after all - and the kind of metal that Harvey Milk fans will like - check the piano work on the instrumental "The Haze of Childhood". It's a smarter metal, is what I'm saying. It's still aggression of metal but it's not angry for no reason - can anybody tell me what any fucking Metallica song is about? I mean, they're so metal that they have the word in their name. James Hetfield's been talking about death and dying and being unforgiven and dying and death and all that nonsense for thirty fucking years. Tyranny Is Tyranny, however, are at least dealing with present issues that affect people's lives, presented in a manner positively affect their outlook, be it a call to arms for social action or grass roots campaigning or going off the grid or lessening their carbon footprint. I know, I know, I know, that all sounds like some hippie ass bullshit.
Well, what the fuck else do you want a band to talk about?
Satan? Done that. In fact, it's pretty boring most of the time and I'm saying that as a guy who likes Satan.
Death, dying, et al? Done that. Hetfield and Mustaine have been competing for the exclusive rights to that for years.
Fucking? Well, that one's been done ad nauseum. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Rob Halford might be the only man in metal who didn't make hetero sex sound icky. For real. Remember when KISS did "Lick It Up"? Goddamn, man, I wanted to gag. ZZ Top's "Pearl Necklace"? Fuck man, have some goddamned civility.
Speaking of civility, I guess that all that was left in the metal world was civil issues, social issues, political whatsits. And who took over on that front? Fucking Rage Against the Machine. Not that there was anything wrong with Rage Against the Machine but after a while the ubersocialist schtick got old when you realized those guys were on Epic Records. And then Zack De La Rocha pulled a Dave Chappelle and went on sabbatical and the other three guys got together with the guy from Soundgarden and everybody was curious about that and then it came out and it fucking sucked.
How the hell could anybody take Rage Against the Machine seriously after that?
Thus, you need a metal band to address societal issues, you're going to want a band from the tremendously fucked epicenter of fuckedness, Madison, WI. So we had, for a while, anyway, The United Sons of Toil, and now we have Tyranny Is Tyranny. Thank fuck.
Now, granted, the songs are on the longer side - you're investing about four to eight minutes at a pop - but that's because some of those songs are epics in miniature; trust me, "Always Stockholm, Never Lima" is worth the seven minute twenty one second ride. At the end, you get the kind of crescendo that would make Explosions in the Sky cream their own jeans.
The only thing negative I'm going to say about it is that I can't understand a fucking thing anybody's saying. I listened to it on my headphones, I'm listening to it on the big speakers right now as I type this. I can't make out probably eighty percent of the words. I mean, sure it comes with a lyric sheet but, man, I aint got no goddamned time for reading, I'm trying to rock for Christ's sake. Outside of that, I got no complaints.
Let It Come From Whom It May is a good time, probably best spent as a soundtrack to riding a bike through weekend traffic - don't wear headphones during weekday rush hour unless you've got a deathwish. Believe me, the irony was not lost on me that this is a severely anti-capitalist band and I was listening to this while I was grocery shopping, cashing my paycheck, and buying a thirty six pack of johnnies from the pharmacy where the lady at the counter asked for my CVS card and I showed her my CVS card and she scanned my CVS card and then she wants my email address. Well, that shit crossed the capitalist line, right there, boy. I told her, "No, I don't need anybody emailing me." I'm buying the economy - heh heh - pack of rubbers, what the fuck is this corporation going to email me about?
And then it strikes me that when I reviewed the last United Sons of Toil record that I had been listening to it while I was shopping. And that made me feel a bit weird. But I'm shopping for food so I don't feel bad about that. And I bought the gym hats so that I can have indiscriminate sex without producing babies or picking up a VD and placing or becoming a burden on society's (largely nonexistent) healthcare system so I can't feel bad about that. And I put my money in a bank because I don't have any spare pickle jars to bury in the yard.
Obviously, I kid, but considering the half-assed bullshit I usually write on weekends where I don't make an adobo marinade or scrub my bathtub, the fact that I even got this much out is a miracle. Parts of it were even a record review. I think. It's somewhere in there.
Tell you what: I'm going to go to Octoberfest and meet up with a couple friends. You do yourself a favor and listen to Let It Come From Whom It May. TIT did a wonderful job on it.
Come on, I had to do it once.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. The review was only about 50% hilarious, yet tangential ramblings! Much appreciated.

    Tyranny Is Tyranny


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