29 August, 2013

There's some thing with some pick-a-year-and-write-a-top-ten-list business clogging up my Facebook feed right now.

I wasn't given a year so I'll just make up a top ten list.

1. Buddy Gomez and His Flying Banditos - Cantina Songs
♦ Cashing in on the popular "Meximania!" of the era, Belize-born saxophonist Buddy Gomez donned a country & western look and put together a four-piece backing band of former ranch hands to sing Spanish-language songs about the white sands, blue waters, and pink sunsets of a country he had only passed through.

2. Three Nights in a Parisian Chateau - Original Cast Recording
♦ Originally panned for its at-the-time racy and revolutionary take on feminism and bedroom politics, this oft-overlooked Broadway gem eventually made it to the silver screen nearly forty years after its final staging.

3. Luisa Bennet - Jump! Jump! Swing!
♦ Noted San Francisco party gal Luisa Bennet's fourth LP of big band numbers is sure to delight even casual fans of the swing genre with her vivacious energy and husky baritone voice that adds an extra suggestion to some of her - ahem - more inviting lines. Be prepared, though. A night on the town with this debutante calls for aspirin and alka-seltzer in the morning.

4. The Peter Falco Big Brass Band - Air Force and Naval Marches
♦ Hands down the hardest working para-military marching band working that year brings their audience a dual collection of favorites. Noted for the innovative (at the time) labeling of Air Force Side and Navy Side on the LP label.

5. The Gordon Sisters - Jesus Take My Love and the Light the World
♦ The Tennessee Christian Sister Trio are at it again, spreading their faith to the ears of all who will let them and their dulcet tones into their hearts.

6. Bleeding Rabbits - S/T
♦ Obscure NJ punk progenitors debut forty eight song LP set the tone for what would become grindcore.

7. Luisa Bennet - More Hopping Numbers for Swinging Lovers
♦ Luisa's fifth record (and second that year) expanded on her repertoire as her band - the Bennetones - expanded to a twenty five piece orchestra. Hits and haymakers like "Never Met a Man Better Than a Full Shot Glass" and "Who's Riding My Caboose?" sent Luisa to the top of the charts and global recognition.

8. "Jiving" Jerry Hamlin - Working Blue After Hours
♦ Funny man "Jiving" Jerry took comedy to places few would dare to on this iconic release, which earned him over a dozen obscenity charges. A rare collector's favorite, Working Blue After Hours is not only hilariously raunchy but a thoughtful dissection of pre-Civil Rights life for homosexual African Americans.

9. Roberto Morgan - Songs to Woo Your Lady By
♦ Who looks better in a pencil moustache and smoking jacket than legendary Franco-Italian crooner Roberto Morgan? Rumored to have written the entirety of this record while vacationing on the southern coast of Spain with his mistress, Roberto pours his heart - and his lust - into every word of this lounge lizard staple.

10. Slim Coolie and his Fabulous Cooliettes - I Like Short Skirts and Six Shooters
♦ Nashville born and Hollywood reared Slim Coolie took a four year break from appearing in pictures and put together country music's first all-female backing band. On their second release, the quintet sing tales of the west as envisioned on Hollywood soundstages, where tumbleweeds breeze by cacti and not a single dispute can't be solved with a dance-off.

You see? That's how you write a top ten list. Now knock it off.

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