24 August, 2013

Recent Love (Couples Tennis Edition)

Post Honeymoon, Second Skin
Normally, when I hear about duos, I think, Great. Who decided they didn't need a bassist this week? I hope they at least have an octave divider.
Normally, when I hear about synth-rock, I hope things sound like Suicide or Devo, otherwise, I'm probably not going to get into it.
So when I get a promo email for Post Honeymoon's new record, it had two strikes against it before I even hit play. Because I am often a wrong man. I accept that.
So I finally get around to listening to the record (my FBook friends will have seen the post I made detailing why I've been delinquent on the reviews lately) and I'm into it. It begins with a pulsing little synth throb and a killer drum beat that Kanye and Jay-Z will be sampling before the close of this year. For real, listen to it and tell me that beat won't be at the center of a sampling storm that will rage until 2015 and then again in about twenty years when it will be declared "The New Amen Break". Don't believe me? I don't blame you. As I said, I am often very wrong about these sorts of things. At any rate, "Schoen and Schaden" sucked me in. "The Hunter" reminded me of some of the grime music that I'm all that familiar with, but with vocals that I can understand.
Still, it takes a few listens before I can really get into it and there are three songs before you get to a real a jumper, "Olympia", which is as close as the Post Honeymooners get to a four-on-the-floor beat on this record. Otherwise, the record has more in common with dub-reggae and -step, Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy score. It's on the mid-tempo dance side. And the title track is so eerie and dark that I think that if I listen to this on some real mind bender of a drug, I could plea insanity and get acquitted of all the charges of homicide. For real, my lawyer could play "Second Skin" for the jury and the jury would have to go, "Oh, fuck. He ate peyote buttons and listened to this? Shit, I smacked my husband last week and that was just because I had the Facts of Life theme stuck in my head for a few hours. Yeah... phew... fuck... uh, not guilty, really. Really. Cut the kid loose."
Just to be clear, I'm not saying that Post Honeymoon have made a hallucinatory knife-murdering record, I'm just saying that you might want to be careful with what you ingest while this record is on because mistakes could be made.
Also? "Unraveling Mr. Murphy", "North Woods", and "Renewed" back-to-back to close out the record? Get ready to draw a pentagram on the floor in lamb's blood and light some black candles because you're about to fuck like goths do.

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