01 July, 2013

It's a Butt Week conspiracy!

So, for some reason, I went about Googling "Butt Week" and what I find is that there's another Butt Week, apparently it has a campaign to go along with it, started by a woman named Natalia Reagan inspired by an idea from Stephen Colbert in July 2011. You know, one year after I conjured up the idea of Butt Week all on my goddamned lonesome. Don't believe me? Click that link to see where I officially declared the last week of June / first week of July as Butt Week on 2 July 2010, then check out Stephen Colbert rallying his "nation" to call for NBC to inaugurate a Butt Week on 21 July 2011, three hundred eighty four days after I had the idea.
Now, there's certainly no reason that there can't be two Butt Weeks but I want some recognition, so I'm going to officially declare that Sound Design and Assembly's Butt Week henceforth be known as Sound Design and Assembly's Original Butt Week or Butt Week, the Sound Design and Assembly Original, or maybe just even Original Butt Week, The Butt Week, The Original and Best Butt Week, the Original Week of Butts Brought to You by Sound Design and Assembly or maybe Butt Week, Not That Bullshit Version that Stephen Fucking Colbert Ripped Off from Me That Someone Else Took to Promote Colon Cancer Awareness. Or how about no? How about I just keep calling my Butt Week "Butt Week" and make everybody else fuck off and they change their goddamned name? How about that, huh? I came up with Butt Week, I'm keeping Butt Week, and I'm celebrating the only Butt Week I know. The Butt Week that I started, the Butt Week that I gave you, the Butt Week where we sit around and talk about butts and enjoy the delicious coincidence that had "Baby Got Back" come on the radio after midnight on Sunday morning, practically kicking off Butt Week for me. The Butt Week where we're happy about asses of all kinds here in the hallowed halls of SD&A. The kind of Butt Week where everybody's looking for anal sex because fuck it - no, literally fuck it - it's Butt Week, goddamnit, our Butt Week.
Seacrest out.

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