08 July, 2013

Hey, Charlie, what happened to Butt Week?

... is a question that nobody ever asks.
To put it simply, the exhaust fan on my 'puter died and I had to drop five hundy on a brand new 'puter that's twice as fast with nearly three times as much memory. So Butt Week got cut a little short; not to mention the 'puter tragedy, which limits my time with my laptop to about fifteen or twenty minutes before it overheats and shuts itself off, hilariously butchered any attempt I tried with the review of Special Wishes I tried to accomplish on Saturday. And trust me, when you have absolutely nothing to do but repeatedly wait for a laptop to cool down so that you can resume working on a project, you have few options with how you spend your time. You know how I chose to spend mine: With a six pack of Kirin Ichiban.
Anyhow, while I should've celebrated the end of Butt Week on Saturday, I'm just now getting around to it. Better late than never, and as the graphic shows, this hasn't killed Butt Week, it's only made it stronger.

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