30 June, 2013

It's Butt Week!

You know how we do: The last week of June / first week of July, to celebrate our transition from the first half of the year to the second - and believe me, with six inches of snow in May, this has been a wonky first half of the year, still feels like Spring - we talk about butts. Some people build idols to ancient fertility gods, some people participate in Old World themed festivals, some people waste a good deal of food and throw tomatoes at each other...

Fuck every last person in Barcelona. Seriously. Fuck 'em.
... we here at SD&A, however, just talk about butts. Butts that wiggle, butts that jiggle, bouncing quarters off of butts, playing grab ass, getting a piece of ass, just talking about butts.
Why? Because there is no human body part as equally and simultaneously sexy and doofy as the butt. Think about it: Somebody has a nice ass, don't you take a gander? Don't you appreciate it? Don't you also momentarily forget that right in the middle of the thing is a hairy little hole that smells like shit? See? It's things like that that make me want to celebrate butts for a week. And what better way to kick off Butt Week than with song? Because of course there's a band called Charlies and of course they named their record Buttocks.

I am just the luckiest man on the planet.

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