21 March, 2013

Scott Weiland and the Wild Abouts

Just got home from Cleveland a few minutes ago, not really tired so I figured I would crack open a beer and type a little something something since its been so long.

A couple of weeks ago I heard about Scott Weiland (lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots) was doing a solo tour. I have seen him in STP and Velvet Revolver before, but never solo. I always wanted to see him when he released 12 Bar Blues years ago, but never did see him solo. I figured that the tickets had been sold out a while ago, but to my surprise there was still GA tickets available for the House of Blues in Cleveland. I figured what the hell, its $30.00 usd, why not go by my self.

I had seen a couple of set lists recently, so I kind of had an idea of what tunes I would be hearing. I should've watched some You-tube videos, then I could've had a good idea of how the songs were going to sound. The opener was 'I forgot their name already' they were meh, they played longer then I would have normally figured for a opener, but since they were the only opener, I guess it was a good set length.

After a 1/2 an hour break (at least) The Wild Abouts came out and started jamming. After a few minutes, the man of the night stepped out onto the stage. Scott kicked off with what I guess you could call a "version" of Crackerman. The quotes are because he forgot about a 1/4 of the lyrics. This is were watching the youtubes videos would have been helpful, as I would have realized that there may have been a real good chance that Scott would be high as a fucking kite. After fumbling through Crackerman, he played some other STP tunes, remembering the lyrics more often then not, but not really keeping in time and kind of slurring through them.

Overall if you ignored the fact the he was fucked up, it was a decent show. His backing band included two guitarist, which while they were good, the two of them combined didn't even come close to equaling STP's normal guitarist, Dean DeLeo. They ended up playing some covers, I will try and find a set list and add it to the end of the post, as I can't remember what all they played.

Honestly, if they played another show near me, I would consider going. Maybe I am just a glutton for punishment, or maybe, just maybe, they would be taking a collection at the door to send Scott back to rehab. I would make a donation for sure!

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