27 February, 2013

Prince Gets In Shape

20 February, 2013

Prince Buys a New Raincoat

18 February, 2013

Your weekly musician's ad.

In a way, I'm kind of glad there's only one this week.
This week's ad comes to us from a group of guys who have been posting here on and off again for a little over a year now, if memory serves.

Bassists - Is it all about the Music (money)?... (Twin Cities)

The Xxxxxxxxx are looking for a pro bassist that doesn't need to play covers to get his or her rocks off. We are an ALL original rock band. Get it?
If you got hired by Aerosmith, Which would be unlikely. would you ask them if they want to play some Iron Maiden covers, No. LOL???? Is the LOL and quadruple interrogation mark necessary? please... ROFLMAO!!! And a ROFLMAO with triple exclamation points.
You would be out so quick your head would spin! Uh... Would you?
Well we don't do covers either...hope you liked the analogy, Not really. I wasn't joking.
We need someone with a good additude SSSooo... math geeks? and outlook on his or her career as a musician.
What can YOU bring to the table?!?!? A tamer sense of punctuation.
Leave contact info which includes:
name, phone number, e-mail, your location(general) and a shortened version of your bio. My bio?
We look forward to hearing from you.
The Xxxxxxxxx~ www.reverbnation.com/xxxxxxxxx
or call xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Xxxx or xxx-xxx-xxxx and ask for Xxx
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Posted: 2013-02-17, 12:11PM CST

13 February, 2013

11 February, 2013

Your weekly musicians' ads.

You know, since catching the flu last week (Where were you for me, vitamin C? Where were you!?), I didn't know if I'd have the energy to accomplish anything today. Thankfully, things seem to be clearing up, somebody summed up last night's The Walking Dead in seventy one characters for me so I don't have to sit through that snooze fest, and, on Craigslist, we have clownshoes lunacy.

Liberty Minded (Metro)

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this is going to get stupid.
as the title states, I'm looking for "Liberty Minded" people , that want to make our message heard.
People that understand what is wrong with our country, Racism, misogyny, homophobia, class inequality, nationalism, xenophobia, a broken education system, a belief in God over science prevalent in our government despite touting the separation of church and state, Islamophobia, the idea of "clean coal", failed ecological and environmental policies, the mainstream news media's disregard for the Occupy movement, high-fructose corn syrup in almost everything, being the last civilized country on the planet to not offer socialized healthcare (largely because old white men think it will make us communists), a two-party political system that veers further to the political right every election, Democrats without balls, Rush Limbaugh, FOX News, that people think that we should build a border-long fence to keep immigrants out of this country for fear that those immigrants will take away the very jobs that nobody here wants to do, that people actually think they need legal access to AR-15s, MAC-10s, and AK-47s and all of the bullets in the world... And that's just off the top of my head. Oh, and then there's some shit about the debt ceiling and home foreclosures but, I mean, if you get me going again... and what must be done to restore the land of our fathers... You mean the guys that owned slaves ie people forcibly brought from their home countries to effectively build ours while our "fathers" often tortured them, raped them, and, in what weren't even considered extreme circumstances, from time to time killed them because they didn't believe they were people?

If you voted for Barry Soetero Nope. - DO NOT APPLY
If you don't know who Barry Soetero is - DO NOT APPLY I'm afraid I don't actually.
Oh, you mean Barry Soetoro ie the Guy Who Never even Existed?
Alex Jones called, he wants his lizard people back.

If you feel Mitt Romney was the best available candidate - DO NOT APPLY Let me guess, Conspiracy Theory, you wanted Newt to win so you could work on his moon-mining base, right?
If you vote for the "lesser of two evils" - DO NOT APPLY Sometimes you have to because, otherwise, you'd be stuck with the greater of two evils.

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AAAnnnddd cue the backlash!

RE: Liberty Minded (Metro) (Cowardland)

Your "voice" has already been heard. The jingoistic, ignorant bleating of the Teabaggers has been heard and ignored by true patriots and American citizens who participated in the election.

Racist, ignorant, uninformed rhetoric such as what you are spewing has no place in America. Ahem - Uh, actually, uh, you see, that kind of as in actually falls under his first amendment rights. Just saying.

Time for you and the other slackjawed rubes to get over the fact that America elected a black man. Twice. Once you go black, you, uh, go black a second time.
I got nothin'.

An American black man, born in America, elected by Americans. You have no knowledge of "founding fathers" or the constitution, your displaying of the Gadsden flag shows your ignorance.

Fly your ignorance proudly.
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Posted: 2013-02-11, 7:25AM CST

And this part was inevitable. No, seriously, it's been scientifically proven that something like this was bound to happen.

RE: Liberty Minded... (Berlin)

Sounds like the Hitler-Jugend is reforming the boys choir? See?
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06 February, 2013

02 February, 2013

Got some recording done this afternoon.

Gather round, my little illiterati, and let Daddy Charlie tell you a story.
One time, Daddy Charlie met a woman. He found her fetching and her forwardness was refreshing. So, yeah, they fucked. And then they kept fucking because they figured that neither of them was all that abhorrent. And then one special night, as Daddy Charlie and The Woman in Question were between maybe their second and third bout, resting up, and having a bit of pillow talk, The Woman in Question gave Daddy Charlie a challenge: Write a song about her ass.
Not about her ass as in her, no, but about her ass as in her ass.
Daddy Charlie accepted the challenge and decided that he would, yes, he would write a song about his paramour's ass.
After a few false starts, Daddy Charlie had a riff that he could work with. He had some oscillator nonsense that sounded good. And then he programmed the drums. Now all he had to do was find a time to record it.
You see, the odds were against Daddy Charlie, as the dormitories above his quarters were occupied. But then, one day, the dormitories had cleared out and Daddy Charlie was able to finally let the amps fucking rip.
For the bass, Daddy Charlie decided to use the old Big-Muff-π-as-a-compressor trick that he hadn't used since IO - The Kilowatt Hour (aka the sucky record), wherein Daddy Charlie runs the bass through the pedal with the distortion dialed all the way down. From there, he split the signal using an Arion stereo chorus pedal into his Traynor and Da Vinci amps.
After that, for probably twenty, thirty minutes the amps and the chorus pedal were giving him problems so he figured he would wait until they were done with their bullshit. He had a cigarette. And a beer. Then another cigarette. Then he finished his beer. Then he thought about calling The Woman in Question because, fuck, why not, right? But then he got back to business.
Daddy Charlie split the guitar through the chorus pedal into two channels: One was into the Big Muff π into the Da Vinci, the other was into the octave divider, into the delay, and then into the Traynor. Daddy Charlie didn't like the way this sounded, so Daddy Charlie had to go back and record the guitar straight through the Big Muff π into the octave divider into the delay into the Traynor with the Audio Technica mic aimed 90° at the center of the cone and the West Electric mic aimed 90° at the outer edge of the 12" Fender speaker. Daddy Charlie liked how that sounded much better.
Now all Daddy Charlie has to do is record vocals for four songs and the new KRAKOA EP will be done.
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