25 October, 2012

I never told you about the awesome fucking weekend I had.

Really, since I haven't posted here at SD&A on the reg in a long while, this is hardly going to be musically related, I'm just trying to keep sharp on a skill that I haven't used in a while. I mean, yeah, I've been busy writing a novel but that's different. And Stories About Prince is a different thing, too. Posting at SD&A, though? Fuck. Need to get on that.
So, on a not-at-all-musically-related note, let me tell you about the weekend that I had.
To your left, you'll see your friend and narrator with a bolshy nozh having shived a litso into this squash's gulliver and having like done away with its keeshkahs. I'm dressed to the height of fashion which on that day was to wear a shlapa and some simple platties with a like picture of a nagoy devotchka with her horrorshow groodies out.
Later that night, I tried my hand at shish kabobs.
I cubed a steak and marinated it in some oil and balsamic vinegar with some thyme and marjoram and sugar, then I skewered the cubes with cherry tomatoes, pearl onions, and button mushrooms and broiled them in corn husks. Georgie made sweet potatoes.
The next day, I had bloody marys with a guest and then I had to pick up hot sauce from Hai Nguyen (which I don't know how to pronounce correctly so I call it "High Noon") and since said guest had never been in an Asian grocer's, she decided to accompany me to pick up my Tapatío and then she lost her nut over that they had catfish and then she wanted to buy a catfish and I had to tell her that if she wanted a catfish to buy the damned catfish (because I kind of wanted some catfish, too).
So, on Sunday, I skinned my first catfish. It was quite horrorshow. No, actually it was a pain in the ass but I guess anything you do for the first time is a pain in the ass.
She found a recipe online for beer-batter and I had this weird bottle of Mott's Caesar (clamato and vodka) that we used instead of beer. I double battered the catfish and whipped up some tartar sauce and that was that.
Then we were still hungry. So we went to Jimmy John's. Then we went to the Black Forest. Then we went to Georgie's. Then nobody got to sleep until five in the morning.
It was a pretty good damned weekend.

I warned you that I was about to get all graphic art crazy up in here.

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