29 August, 2012

Prince and the "Cocktail Garden"

M. Martin's September Resolution: 30 Reviews In 30 Days

Hi! I haven't been around SD&A for a while now. But I came up with a funny idea: for every day in September, I'll post a review of something. It'll often be a fairly short, paragraph-length review - I have a life to live, etc. - but it'll be a review all the same. I'll also try to review stuff that's just come out as well, in a deeply half-assed effort to garner Charlie some more page views. I'll try breaking out of my comfort zone and listening to people I might not normally seek out, which I'm sure will lead to at least a few pans. I'll also review albums that don't get enough notice, or albums that I just happen to like a lot (which is what I'd usually do - but that gets boring after a while, no?). Artists to be reviewed may or may not include Mott the Hoople, Mauser, Ariel Pink, Point Blank, Grimes, Simply Saucer, Twin Shadow, Veins, Warthog, Passion Pit, that new Cat Power album that's coming out, that new Bob Dylan album that's coming out, Animal Collective, Death Grips, Guided by Voices, Smog, etc.

There will be fulsome praise interspersed with vicious putdowns. And no one will care. But it'll be fun.

Later this year, Charlie and I may do another Point/Counterpoint. Or two.

OK, you know how some commercials have the wrong songs?

Like the Internet Explorer commercial with the guy warbling about how he's too close to love someone and how he "can't lie no mo'e" because he "[has] to be true to himself"? What does any of that have to do with browsing the internet? Particularly looking up tree frogs and sports cars, which is what the good people at Microsoft assume you're doing. I mean, really? He's too close to love a product that comes stock on Windows PCs? That you can download and install for free?
That's a prime example of picking the wrong goddamned song to push your product, not to mention that it's a shitty song and I don't know one person who uses Internet Explorer.
But then there are other instances where it's the completely wrong song but it's kind of OK. You know that Red Vines commercial? (Sorry, I have to go on the commercials that Hulu plays over and over.) That song they use, that goes "I love you more than anyone else, something something else"? You know that one? That has nothing to do with red goddamned licorice, nothing at all. That's like using "I Touch Myself" to sell Oscar Meyer franks or "Danger Zone" for NyQuil.
Granted, there aren't too many pop songs related to products but you would think that somebody in these companies' marketing departments could put a little more effort into finding more suitable songs if they didn't want to come up with jingles. I mean, really. That IE commercial. Yeesh.
But getting back to the Red Vines commercial, I don't know about you but that song is AOK by me. It may not have jack shit to do with licorice but I don't care. I like that song. It's a perfect example of an earworm: simple, repetitive, catchy. At least it's stuck in my head. I don't know about you.
So after hearing this goddamned nothing-to-do-with-licorice song for maybe the hundredth time in three days (Hulu really needs to get more commercials.) (I never thought I'd say something like that in my life.), I decided to find out whether this was a jingle or a song (yes, I know a jingle is a song, you get what I mean). So I does some digging, I does, which here means I just Googled "Red Vines song". Well, it wasn't the Aimee Mann song so it had to be this other one, called "More Than Anyone Else" by this band called Mostly Sunny. So, here, I found you some power pop. Enjoy.
Also? I did find a song specifically about a product.
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