24 December, 2012

Your weekly musician's ad.

OK, for real. How was I not going to pick this one?

Legless Drummer (Minneapolis)

I mean, really.

Very experienced drummer without legs here. You have my full and undivided attention. What I can do with the rest of my limbs will surprise you! I really want this to be a "that's what she said" moment but I'm way more curious about dude playing drums with no legs. I mean, does he just do bongos and congas and shit or does he have some wonky Def Leppard-esque contraption? Looking to jam or form band with musicians who can accept me for who I am.. Easy there, Trigger, it's not like this is some chick flick where you're looking to get your sister with Down Syndrome a prom date. Here is a demo ! of my drum solo... ! Thank you and God Bless!

And the disappointment of the century? His videos are just him demoing drum machines. This is as big a let down as when Ralphie found out that Little Orphan Annie's secret message was nothing but an Ovaltine commercial.
That actually kind of makes this a Xmas post.
  • Location: Minneapolis
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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