12 November, 2012

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Pro Raspberry player seeking band (Twin Cities)

Date: 2012-11-06, 12:49PM CST

Hey all-so the title says it all really, but to elaborate, I am a professional raspberry player based in uptown, Minneapolis. I am looking for the opportunity to play to a live audience, and I thought I'd see what Craigslist has to offer, as I have been spending more time in the studio than around the live music scene around here. I have been doing tv/movie gigs for years, using my ability to blow raspberries for certain sound effects-my most prominent gig was the three episode deal I had made with a particular tv drama "Mr. Daisy" which was kind of a 'what if' take on mr. Ed, where instead of the horse talking like people, the main character was a man who could only whinnie and neigh (I just did the whinnies, they brought in another professional for the neighing and grunting). The series only lasted three episodes because to a lot of industry execs' surprise, there actually turned out to be very little interest in a show where the main guy talks like a horse.
With the economy slumping, I have had trouble finding raspberry gigs, and had to reduce myself to the very embarrassing gig of providing a particular bodily function noise for a certain Minneapolis morning radio show host. I feel like I've taken a certain 'artsiness' out of my craft, and want to get back into serious raspberry playing. Previously I tried out for the Minneapolis Symphony for first chair raspberry, but with the lockout, I have a feeling that I won't be getting called anytime soon from them.

As for what I'd like to do live, I have my college degree in music performance and spent much of my formative years raspberry'ing along to prog rock, like king crimson and a little rush. My solo chops are still pretty solid, and I try to be tasteful in my solos. I mean, I am not going to rip out a van halen style raspberry solo during a slow song, and my rhythm chops are ok-I don't get too complex because I want to fit in with a band, and not overtake the band. Recently, I have been sitting in some of the blues jams around towns, and am digging the vibe-raspberry solos, if played correctly, can fit very well in a blues context. At the same time, I don't want you to think I am a music snob, I am just as comfortable raspberry'ing to top 40 hits and the stuff you hear on the Current. So in reality, I am down to play just about anything, so long as the gig pays at least enough to put some gas in the car and keep a roof over my head.

I have my own gear, my custom made microphone and PA and a decent sized pedalboard for some really spacy raspberry ambient-excursions if you're into that kind of thing.

I am available to start as soon as your next practice, although I do have some residual raspberry session work, as Mr. Daisy scored a small appearance on CSI: Miami, and I have a few raspberry-overs to do in New York. However, that'll be closer to February, and it's only a one time thing...I want to get out of the tv work-there just isn't a whole lot of calls for raspberrys, or least not as much as there was in the late 90s. I am hoping that a band contacts me soon, as I also need some money to fund my halfway finished cd, "A Very Raspberry Christmas" where I raspberry a selection of my favorite traditional and modern christmas songs. I have the songs mixed, I just need the money to send it off to the mastering studio.

So please contact me if you are ready to add a new dimension to your band. Let's do this!
  • Location: Twin Cities
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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