06 September, 2012

I hope you're ready for the best thing since the best thing ever this week.

I've had Portishead stuck in my head all morning. Or more accurately, some of the samples they used, like the super slowed down sample of Johnny Ray's "I'll Never Fall in Love Again". (It totally ranks among the creepiest earworms out there.) And then there's "Hookers & Gin", a song by Sean Atkins Experience, a dark, self-flagellating booze-soaked little lounge ditty from the sounds of it. So I go looking for these two songs and found that A) "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" is actually pretty hokey at full speed and B) there is no such band as Sean Atkins Experience. Portishead made them up (and there's even speculation as to whether they are, indeed, friends with a Sean Atkins of any sort). So they made up a band, recorded a song under the name of that band, and then sampled said song and tacked it to the end of their song, "Western Eyes". That was a thing. They did that. So, while I'm a little bummed that there is perhaps no "Hookers & Gin" seven inch out there (If it was, it would be downloadable by now wouldn't it?), a little bummed that if Portishead did record a full version of the song that they are probably the only people in possession of it (maybe even Sean Atkins, if he not only does exist but is friends with them, was granted one, too), I'm still happy to find that somebody out there had the good sense and spirit of generosity to give the world this: Just the part of "Western Eyes" that features Sean Atkins Experience's "Hookers & Gin".


  1. That sample of Johnny Ray really IS creepy as fuck; that song "Biscuit" is the scariest song on "Dummy." It even creeps me out.

    I had no idea the Sean Atkins Experience was fake. That's crazy that they did that. I wonder who's singing?


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