07 September, 2012

As though anyone needed proof that I'm an asshole.

Over at the EA forums, we like to show each other really bad, really grating, really annoying, really just not good at all videos. It's a sort of "masochistic schadenfreude"; we derive joy from the aesthetic missteps of others all the while subjecting ourselves to these unwatchable horrors. Sometimes the videos are unforgiveable, sometimes they're not completely horrible, just not in line with the tastes of a bunch of punkers.
The latter was the case with the K-pop group (I almost just called them "K-pop sensation" since that sounds like a thing you're supposed to say but I don't know if they're a sensation) Perfume and their song, "Spending All My Time".
Now, since I wasn't into the music but the visuals were OK (and not just because it's mainly Korean gals with nice gams), I decided to go hunting for another three minute fifty five second song that was, you know, better. I found Big Black's "Strange Things" and posted in the thread that it helped to mute the Perfume song while the Big Black song played. This resulted in a couple of weird syncs between the Big Black audio and Perfume video.
So, I did what any forward thinking person would do: I put them together into one video. Because fuck it, right?

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