05 September, 2012

30 Reviews In 30 Days: Review #5

Exclaim, Critical Exploder (Sound Pollution Records, 2001)

This album is a 190-proof distillation of pure fucking insanity.

Nothing I can say about this album will adequately prepare you for it. It is so far beyond conventional hardcore that descriptions are almost meaningless. It sounds like it was recorded inside a fuzz pedal with all the knobs turned to 10 after the pedal got dropped in beer and hit with a sledgehammer. Every song is performed at a pace that sounds like the band strapped a JATO to their asses and set it off. It's hard to believe humans can play this fast without their hearts exploding afterwards. This makes the Circle Jerks look like Black Sabbath. Even most powerviolence bands didn't play this fast (and certainly didn't play with this level of power, either). Even the occasional count-offs are ridiculous because the drummer howls "ONETWOTHREFAFIVSEEXSEVEYAAAAAAAAAAAA" AND THEY'RE OFF TO THE RACES AGAIN. The vocalist possesses a mind-boggling top-of-lungs feral shriek that sounds like it's atomizing his vocal cords every time he opens his mouth. The rhythm section plays like they've just pissed on an electric fence. The guitarist's riffing should be the stuff of hardcore legend (but somehow isn't?!) and he somehow even tears off buried shredarific solos at this speed to boot. There's no point in even describing individual songs because it's all one astoundingly brutal beyond-all-level-of-comprehensibility assault. It's like getting struck by lightning. This album knocks you on your ass within the first three seconds and then stomps all over you at lightspeed for 16 minutes (yeah it's barely even an album to boot, but 16 songs in 16 minutes can only be described as bang for your buck). I've listened to this album at least 20 times and I'm only just now hearing the riffs inside the noise. Because at heart, this is an excellent hardcore album, and it would be if it was slower and less insanely recorded. But the pure derangement of the performances and the ridiculously distorted mix elevate this album into an almost untouchable modern classic. The CD comes with the much more clearly recorded, still insanely awesome Out of Suit EP attached, but the album itself is like nothing I've ever heard any modern hardcore band come close to sounding like. Get it and be the first kid on your block to get carted off to the asylum for rocking too fucking hard.


  1. Listening to this on YouTube right now and I can vouch for the honesty of M.'s review. This thing is perverse.


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