01 September, 2012

30 Reviews In 30 Days: Review #1

Mauser, End of the Line 7" (EP) (Vinyl Rites, 2010)

If you like good enraged hardcore at all, you should probably at least enjoy this. And if you enjoy unrestrained brutality, song titles like "Social Lobotomy" and "Strangle The Bastard," and a performance style that brings nothing to mind so much as a bunch of amphetamine'd silverback gorillas having a cage match in a trailer truck, this EP should be taken at breakfast, lunch and dinner like vitamins or Jack Daniels. The EP's opening kickoff number, the title track, rages so hard, so sincerely, and so viciously - electrodes-to-the-guts roaring, walls of circular-saw distortion, superbly driving drums, and genius overachiever bass runs - that you won't even care that it's based off one of the oldest aggressive hardcore riffs in the book. Have you heard that riff before? You'd be hard-pressed not to have come across a permutation of it at least once if you've listened to enough hardcore. Do you care? Fuck no you don't! (Or at least you goddamn shouldn't.) You just rage along banging your head and screaming "END OF THAAAA LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE" with Mr. Lead Anonymous Angry Mean Muggin' Dude Vocalist. Oh, I'm sure the lyrics are all political and all very well-thought-out, or at least obscurely enraged (at this stage in hardcore, you can't get away with lumpen-tard Cro-Mags-style social protest anymore), but who cares - it's all about the generic, but solid, satisfying and furious hardcore riffs and, most importantly, the performance. This band is a steamroller with a V3 race car engine coming for you at 90 miles an hour, and if I were you I'd stand still. Inspirational Moment: the belch at the end of "Strangle The Bastard."

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