13 August, 2012

Saturday night's dinner.

Curried barbecue chicken breasts with steamed artichoke and corn on the cob.
I had never made an artichoke before though I had artichoke hearts about two or three months back on a pizza. But I found one at the Bow (I now call Rainbow the Bow because I'm a choad like that.) and was surprised that they were US$2.99 each. Three dollars for one vegetable, I had damned well better cum when I put this thing in my mouth.
Now first thing was first, I had to learn how to prep one of these things. The three or four YouTube videos I watched made it look complicated but in the end it was pretty easy. Basically, you cut the top off of it, you pull off the outer leaves, coat the still attached leaves in lemon juice so they don't brown (they actually do pretty quickly) and pop it in the oven at some bullshit temperature for some cockamamie amount of time. I didn't pay attention to any of that shit because I just threw it in the crock. (I also looked in to prepping the heart. There's some inedible fur in there that you have to clean out.) I put it in the crock with a cup of water and tossed the chicken breasts in on either side of the artichoke.
The chicken breasts were seasoned with fresh ground mixed pepper corns, sea salt, chili powder, curry powder, fresh minced garlic and fresh minced ginger. After an hour and half, I topped the breasts with diced onion, sliced tomato, and two tablespoons of butter, each.
Then, when it came time to get this all onto the plates, I separated the artichoke leaves from the heart and discarded the browned ones, setting aside the lighter ones from closer to the heart for dinner and even using the one from in the heart to garnish the breasts. I then pulled that hairy stuff out of the heart.
Some of you may balk, but I topped the breasts with Open Pit barbecue sauce. Trust me on this: The flavors complimented each other, it really turned out great. The artichoke, though, reminded me a bit of cabbage. It wasn't bad but it wasn't worth three dollars. At least to me. Anyway, the finished product, sans corn on the cob, is pictured below, albeit fairly blurry. I would've gotten a better shot but I was hungry and I was ready to eat already.

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