29 August, 2012

M. Martin's September Resolution: 30 Reviews In 30 Days

Hi! I haven't been around SD&A for a while now. But I came up with a funny idea: for every day in September, I'll post a review of something. It'll often be a fairly short, paragraph-length review - I have a life to live, etc. - but it'll be a review all the same. I'll also try to review stuff that's just come out as well, in a deeply half-assed effort to garner Charlie some more page views. I'll try breaking out of my comfort zone and listening to people I might not normally seek out, which I'm sure will lead to at least a few pans. I'll also review albums that don't get enough notice, or albums that I just happen to like a lot (which is what I'd usually do - but that gets boring after a while, no?). Artists to be reviewed may or may not include Mott the Hoople, Mauser, Ariel Pink, Point Blank, Grimes, Simply Saucer, Twin Shadow, Veins, Warthog, Passion Pit, that new Cat Power album that's coming out, that new Bob Dylan album that's coming out, Animal Collective, Death Grips, Guided by Voices, Smog, etc.

There will be fulsome praise interspersed with vicious putdowns. And no one will care. But it'll be fun.

Later this year, Charlie and I may do another Point/Counterpoint. Or two.

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