20 August, 2012

I haven't drawn at the bar in a while.

So I picked it back up for the fuck of it. I'm a little rusty now, not as bad as I had been, though. I got the idea to draw a Gibson Girl figure because, fuck it, I'd never done that. Then I put a Mosrite Mark II (the Johnny Ramone guitar) in her hands because lately I've got a hard on for the Eastwood Mach Two which is basically a replica of the Mosrite and I'm trying to force myself to not buy one. I'm not saying that I've had some financial windfall, nor have I gotten a raise or a different job or anything, I'm just saying that, in another week or two, I'm going to, thanks to being thrifty as shit for the past six maybe seven years, be in a slightly more comfortable financial situation than what I've been in. And now I just want to buy toys.
Anyway, this one needs a little detail work but it's still what I do best: Women playing guitars.

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