16 July, 2012

Your weekly musicians' ads.

You know, here at SD&A, when we do the weekly musicians' ads, we'd like to think that we're not all about negativity and bad vibes, we'd like to think that we give something back to the community. Hence, our first ad...

Band Contest Need Views (youtube)

Date: 2012-07-15, 11:58AM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

We are a teenage band trying to win a contest at Groth music. Help us out by watching us on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shdfMo-zyuc
The most views by 10am on July 16th wins. Thanks! :)
OK, everybody, lets help the kids. Click the hell out of that link. Don't actually watch the video, just click the shit out of the link so the kids' view counter goes up and they win something.
You see? Positivity. Giving something back. That's what we're about here.
Yeah, I screwed up. When I read that ad, it was about nine thirty in the morning so there was still time. But I didn't get this up until twenty to one. Just goes to prove that I can screw up, too.
Even though I totally never do.

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Date: 2012-07-14, 3:48PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

New Hard Rock band looking for Guitarist and Vocals. I recently went down to Texas to record a Demo You went where? to Texas To do what? to record a Demo Six hundred bajillion recording studios in the Twin Cities and your ass had to go eleven hundred miles south to record a fucking demo. with the help of a band called "Anew Revolution". Never heard of them. We recorded 5 songs You went all the way down to gotdam Texas to record five songs? and the production sounds great for a demo. It should after you went all the way to Texas. I'm looking for guys that want to take this stuff all the way. Show of hands: How many people thought that was a gay reference? I'm starting make some good connections with people. Looking for a Guitar player Hello. that can be committed and a cool dude to hang around. I'm out. Doesn't have to be Eddie Van Halen or Zakk Wylde. The music is more along the playing lines of Chevelle Uhh... mixed with Breaking Benjamin. Err... As far as a singer goes, I want someone that will stand out. Someone who has the potential to scream and carry melodies. More like Jacoby from Papa Roach. Gaw... As well as the energy. That's all well and good, but where do you want to take this? My plan is to take this to a whole new level. You hear that? A whole. New. Level, motherfuckers. When we get to playing shows, I want the whole works. . ..Lights, Walls of amps and whatever it is so we stand out than any other band we play with! You dream that impossible dream. Putting on an amazing show is a big part of getting people to follow you! Anyone can Go to Texas? pick up a guitar or get behind the drums but sometimes that gets boring. PUT ON A SHOW DUDES!!!...I'm probably one of the most down to earth, passionate guys you will meet!! He said with great humility. My name is Xxxxx, Im 24 and I play drums and guitar but Im sticking with drums for this!!! Did that really require the triple exclamation point? So if you're interested in taking music to the Wait for it... next level. Lets go. . .call anytime or text! xxx-xxx-xxxx or email. Check out a few tunes I have at www.reverbnation.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
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Again, we're going to go positive. Somebody hook this guy up so he doesn't have to play at the fucking Nicollet.

Pillow Army - looking for place to play 7/22, 7/23 - Seattle swap? (Minneapolis)

Date: 2012-07-13, 7:50PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

Pillow Army -- "Army of One" Solo Tour Uh...

". . . really goddamned great music." -- CORY DOCTOROW -- BoingBoing.net

"You should go see them; they know how to put on a great live show, their songwriting is top-notch, and they're on their way to being gigantic."
- PAUL CONSTANT -- The Stranger

Hello Minneapolis Craigslist!
I am the singer/songwriter for Seattle chamber-rock bandPillow Army. I am doing a solo tour from Nashville to Seattle this month, but my booking has been delayed due to personal reasons and I am now scrambling to find a place to play. I'm looking for something in the Minneapolis area on July 22nd and/or 23rd (club, coffee house, or even a private house party.) If anyone needs an act, please contact me! If your band ever tours in the Seattle area, I could return the favor and find you a show there. You see, positivity. Bands helping bands. That's what we should be about here. Not snark.

My set-up will be fast as all I need is a vocal mic. I'll be bringing people to the show as there are friends in town who haven't seen me in a while. I am also promoting the tour through social media and internet radio. My set can be energetic and folk-punk with upbeat songs and a looping pedal, or I can tailor it to be more laid back depending on the other bands on the bill.

You can hear Pillow Army here -- Pillow Army Music

And here are some solo acoustic tracks:
120 BPM - demo
Chicken Wants Her Beak Back - live in studio
Bleeding For You - demo

You can reach me by responding to this post.

I don't need any money (though I won't say no to a cut of the door) and will have a donation box and some merch to sell. I appreciate any help. Thanks! - Tim

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Violinist (Twin Cities)

Date: 2012-07-13, 2:30PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

Professional violinist & member of T.C. Musician's Union Local #30-73. We have a union? I can provide fine string music for your event. Solo or ensemble. No, for real, I included this one only because I didn't know we had a union.
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And our "Stop Being a Fucking Doofus" award goes to...

Punk bass player wanted (Minneapolis)

Date: 2012-07-13, 12:31AM CDT
Reply to: xxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com

Need a bass player to complete our punk band that sounds sorta like NoFX, Bad Religion and Face to Face while I'm in the next room banging your mom. But those three bands are in the first room? See what I did there? Yes, I did. I told you bands we like, I know, I was there for that part. but also planted a seed in your head that your mom should come to watch our practices. Really, you don't have to explain it to me. Because then I can bang her. I picked up on that. But in a good way. Sure. Because she's your mom, and I respect that. You've never met my mother and you need to stop posting like you just got done watching a Kevin Smith movie marathon.

We have a bunch of songs ready to play out; will add some covers and new ones once you get your shit together and email me. Because I'm clearly the one whose shit is not together.

No unreliable flakes, shitty players, or ones who aren't into punk. Is that how we're going to spend our time now? Trying to prove how punk we are? We will kick you out for wasting our time. We know we might feel a little bad about it, but also that the feeling will go away eventually. Just like you did. Unless you're cool. RRRiiiggghhhttt.

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Bassist and Guitarist seek drummer (Minneapolis MN)

Date: 2012-07-12, 10:10PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

Hi we are an instrumental progressive/psychedelic rock trio/duo And cue the Hank Hill Bah! who is looking for a new drummer. Our current drummer is having some personal issues and is never around to practice anymore, so we're looking to see if there is anyone out there who can replace him. Is anyone else getting the whole we-haven't-told-our-drummer-we're-replacing-him-yet vibe from this? Anyone who is interested please contact us ASAP!
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Drummer needed for music video this weekend! (Minneapolis, MN)

Date: 2012-07-10, 7:02PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

Hey, Everyone.

We're Xxx Xxxx'xx, a local band who is shooting the final scene of our music video this Sunday. Our drummer cannot make it so we wanted to reach out to the Craigslist community for somebody with drum-playing-experience to sit behind our drum set while we 'mock' play our song. So, wait. Instead of scheduling the shoot for a time that is convenient for everybody in the band, you would rather have somebody who is not in your band appear in the video with your band instead of the person who is actually in your band? You mean to tell me that you have so little respect for your drummer that instead of proposing to move the video shoot back a few days or a week or so so that he could be in it, you'd rather have an imposter? We'll need roughly an hour, An hour? An hour? It's not an all day thing where the camera crew has to seriously reconnoiter their calendar to get things taken care of? It's not a situation where there are union regulations and shit regarding the length of a work day or whatever, it's just an hour? You can't wait to do this hour some other time? With your drummer? and all this individual has to do is listen to our song a few times to get a feel for how it goes.

You can check us out on Facebook at There was a link here, now there isn't. or hit me up via email!

~Xxxxx Or, as I like to call him, Guy Who Hates His Drummer.

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