25 June, 2012

There really weren't any musicians' ads this week.

Really.I mean there was the usual sniping at the person who decided to bitch about the local scene and then there was the ad for pet adoption or something that was clearly in the wrong place and then there was the ad where the guy claimed Hangman's Joke as an influence... You younger kids probably don't get that that's a reference to The Crow, or at least the film version anyway, and, as such, is not a real band.
But, hey, look at the bright side: We have a double-length Butt Week this year and we're two days in to our fourteen day extravaganza of doing largely nothing but talking about butts. So let's knock off the dill-dallying and talk about butts. And cats, too. I like cats. Also? I'm pretty sure this is M.'s first butt week. Let's welcome him.

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