21 May, 2012

Your weekly musicians' ads.

This week? Shit's bonkers. I'm feeling fifty-fifty on these, my little illiterati...

♥SEEKlNG JAM SESSlON ( ##++minneapolis ++##)

Date: 2012-05-21, 7:54AM CDT
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Local musician Come and join them. . . profiles with video,

bios, music, pictures and more!!!!

There was a link here, now there isn't.

Playing sport was somewhat frivolous, but I liked it. I rebelled a little bit, and wouldn't go to music lessons and things like that, but I would go and play ball. My parents learned to love it because they saw how much I got out of it. UUUhhh... good to know, I guess.

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Date: 2012-05-20, 11:54PM CDT
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Im xxxxx ive been playing drums for 12 years.
I have my own practice place and pa.
I need members for my band. Doesn't everybody?
when i say metal im talking more heavy subgenres like Deathcore,techmetal,hardcore,posthordcore,metalcore and prog
So dont send a message saying do you like some shit@#y 93x band Don't fucking do it.
Xxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx
By the way im serious about this In case yo' bitch ass couldn't tell.
Thank you,
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Forming Young Original Rock Band (Fridley)

Date: 2012-05-20, 11:35PM CDT
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I am interested in forming a young, original rock band. OK, he's already said "young". If he says "vibrant", I'm out. I am looking for drums, guitars, sax, keys, vocals, etc. I will help you with your stage presence, performances, exposure and marketing. In return for what, exactly? You will appear on some local cable channels along with you tube, flikr, facebook, etc. Age range 18 years old to 23 years old. I have a full studio with the majority of the instruments on site. Again, what's in this for you?
You've got a whole life time to explore music and bands you find interesting. I only have a few months. Oh, ha ha ha, great, I have the ominous feeling that I've just mocked a dying man. Let's see what we can do
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Metal/Groove Drummer needed (Saint Paul )

Date: 2012-05-20, 4:17PM CDT
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We are a heavy metal band. Period. We aren't Screamo. We are fairly established . OK, so you're established. Mind sharing the name of your established band with the class? We have a drummer but he has different views. Oh, sorry to hear that. Is he a libertarian? You don't need to be great, just a drummer who can dominate with complex or simple beats. We practice once or more a week and hve many shows lined up. We don't care how old you are but we are all 15. Facepalm? Is there a facepalm emoticon? Because I kind of need it. Email if you want in. Links or recordings are a plus but it doesn't matter.
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tooling for anus-looking for punk spirited drum/bass

Tooling for anus... Well, at least he's going to get attention.

Date: 2012-05-20, 1:23AM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

i have around 20 songs along the lines of early 90s grunge (nirvana, weezer) Did you just associate Weezer with grunge? Yeah, that's not... Yeah. with some 60s garage rock (the stooges, the sonics) and high energy punk and weirdness (ween, the meatmen, black flag). i'm looking for a drummer who can keep a clean beat and beat the fuck out of those heads, and a bassist who can carry the song while i fuck my guitar Lil Jon "What?" while i fuck my guitar and who can run off with his own restrained, but interesting, melody when i've got the rhythm (usually while i'm singing, but not always. i like to use the same guitar riffs for emphasis and as a base for somebody else's solos.) i'm looking for people in their early 20s I'm out. (read: not completely "realistic" Still out. (read: pessimistic) RRReeeaaallllllyyy fucking out. about making a living in music.). Ahem...
i'd like to practice nearly everyday, so if you're looking for a once a week sort of gig, apply elsewhere. with nearly daily practice we should be able to work out the songs i've got written, write some more songs, and get a respectable selection of covers under our belts by the end of the summer, upon which we can work on playing out. I like your moxie, kid. You have a realistic goal of playing out by summer's end with the not completely unreasonable but perhaps not always feasible strategy of daily practice. i know a couple bands along the same lines that we can set up shared shows with already and i'm always looking for more. planning on monthly shows by fall (if the right people can be found.)

i can send a couple rough demos if you're interested.
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Professional Band looking for Bassist (St. Paul)

Date: 2012-05-18, 12:26AM CDT
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We are a professional band with 3 years experience playing locally. We are looking for a new bass player. We play rock/progressive/alternative music. Biggest influences include We haven't done this in a while. Incubus, Suck. Coheed and Cambria, Suck. Dreamtheater, The 80s called, they want their hair back. Big Wreck, Never heard of them. Muse. The band of talented musicians that make music I don't like.

Must play 4 and 5 string. Then you must play a twelve string and your drummer needs rototoms.
5+ years playing experience and preferred band experience
Basic understanding of music theory
You can write bass lines One would hope that a bassist could do that.
You are awesome I've tried to be that. You can see how well that's worked out.
No drugs, [cough]Pussy![/cough] we are not a party band.
Must be willing to play covers for additional income. Yes, I'm willing to forego my artistic integrity and ride on the creative coattails of others' successes in the name of making money.
Must be available weekends for practice. 2 times every weekend.

We have an established following Holy shit! You're so good your fucking following is established? Holy mackerel! and play with national touring bands. Such as? We have one album released, and are currently working on our next album right now.
We are looking to make this into a career. Let's see, I've already done that whole caps-lock-ha-ha-ha thing once already, can I do it again?
Please email us if you are interested and we will discuss things further. Discuss things further? That sounds like some shit my old man would say if I were in trouble but he was too busy to reprimand me at just that moment: "Go to your room and we'll discuss things further over dinner."
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Local Artist Zest Music Fest - Now taking band submitals (St. Paul Park)

Date: 2012-05-15, 12:47PM CDT
Reply to: xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@comm.craigslist.org

Local Artist Zest Music Fest is now taking band applications. We are looking looking for only a couple more bands. We're open to most music styles, however we are not considering heavy metal Then I'm not considering you. or rap bands. Please respond via this craigs list add with your band name, genre, list of instruments/vocals in the band, ? links to your website or audio/video recordings, and your honest estimate for how many people you'd draw to this specific event Honestly? [counts fingers, looks to ceiling, nods head from side to side -] Oh and then... [resumes counting on fingers, nods] Zero. (see links below for event specifics).

We're looking for a couple of fun bands that are willing to "invest" in the event. Is this pay to play? You know, Bobby once got the Straightaways mixed up in one of those shows. I say "invest" because It's pay to play? the bands will be paid a % of the profits made from the festival. Basically, both the bar and the bands will share the risk/reward for how many people attend and how much they drink/eat. Smells like bullshit, to me. We still have to work with the bar to understand all the costs and negotiate the band % take away. Oh, so you mean that the bar is putting itself at a substantial financial risk and is going to do its damnedest to promote this event as well? (Fyi...I am a member of one of the bands performing...so I am in the same boat as you guys...and I am looking out for us musicans.) Sure you are, man, sure you are. Not that this event will be a big money maker anyway, I am more driven to perform/attend this because I think it will be fun. For a reference point, last year they had a similar event, except only 1 band. They brought in approximately 150 people and after bar cost, Bar cost? Oh, this has definitely got to be pay to play. the band came away with $690. So at least that gives you an idea of the numbers. Yeah, one band got very lucky at a pay for play event, pulled a hundred fifty people in the door and probably had to strong arm the bar for US$690. How many bands do you have on the bill this year? Ten? I mean, it's a festival, right? Let's say six bands at the very least. Let's say not every band brings a hundred fifty people or manages to keep those hundred fifty people around. And here you've been bandying about a number like US$690 dollars in the hopes that prospective bands will overlook the part where that wasn't for each band or one band, it was for the only band. This years event will be notably larger.

For more info on the newly created webpage
There was a url here, now there isn't.

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