29 May, 2012

Remember that time I won something? You finally get to hear the prize.

I got word from Justin from the Austerity Program last night that I could go ahead and show off my prize from the record release remix contest now.
If you recall, my prize - being grand prize because I'm the fucking best at everything ever - was that I got to pick a song for the band to cover and they would, well, cover it. Thus we have the Austerity Program's rendition of John Barry's opening theme to Game of Death.
What did I have to do to win? I had to remix "Song 18"; my remix is featured in the player to the left. I'd like to include the original version of "Song 18" for comparative purposes but that's kind of beside the point. The point is I did something and I fucking won, goddamnit, because I'm a fucking winner. You don't think I'm a fucking winner? Fuck you. What have you won lately. Not nothing. Sucker.
But, no, if you want to hear the original version of "Song 18", you can always take your cheap ass over to the Hydrahead store and buy a copy of Black Madonna. It's US$10. Don't act like you can't drop that on a band that covers the themes from Bruce Lee movies at the behest of their fans.
You see? That's a plug.
I could have also included the original version of the theme from Game of Death but you know that you can just Google that, right? Go Google it if you have such a burning desire. I've already brought enough goodies for today. In the player to your left, there's my entry followed by my prize (I also received the eighth inch stereo master tape via USPS). That I won. Because I'm a fucking winner. Go ahead and get a little taste of what winning's like.

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