28 March, 2012

Still on the whole procrastinating thing.

Just a heads up that M. is still hard at work on concluding his top thirty records of 2011 (Right, M.?) and Charlie is going to, somehow, get a review of the new She Ripped single up this weekend. Also? In Charlie's mail box came the new Joe4 LP and in the SD&A mailbox, we've gotten a copy of the new Nonagon record. Further, while Charlie made the dopey decision to try to take on a point/counterpoint with M. over the first Runaways record while he still has Hitch and Rowland S. Howard reviews to write, M. has thrown down the gauntlet on Joy Division's Closer. So be on the look out for those reviews in the next few weeks because we're totes going to actually get around to them, we swear.

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