03 March, 2012

Recent Love (Conflict of Interests Edition)

Pink City, Loop One
By now, it shouldn't be any secret that Pink City's M. Martin is a regular contributor to SD&A, so it probably seems like some in-house ball rubbing when I give his band a positive review (hint: it's not). But here's the thing: I liked his band before I invited him to write for SD&A and I really only invite people to write for SD&A when I think they have pretty good taste in music, not similar to mine, but just good taste. Adam and I aren't into a lot of the same things but the things he points my way are things I can enjoy, for example. And in M.'s case, how the hell can I not enjoy his taste in music after hearing the music that he and J. make? That's a pretty good indicator of taste, I'd say.
So, M. tells me about Loop One back when it came out a month ago and he tells me it's a departure for Pink City. So I gave a listen to it and then did nothing because of the writer's block and just undergoing general cabin fever and dealing with all kinds of fucked up nonsense around the house, some of which I'm still not going to bring up because it's kind of personal and I know of one person who may or may not keep tabs on SD&A anymore who probably wouldn't want that shit broadcast so, yeah, I've got this and three other reviews to write that I've been meaning to get to, some of which are about two months overdue. We've been over this.
So, let's focus on this and not the screaming hemorrhoid on my bottom right now that feels like it's turned my asshole into the Swiss Alps.

Pictured: My asshole.
Loop One kicks off with "Loop One", a drone-y little piece that breaks out J.'s Peter Hook inspired bassline and drum programming reminiscent of Dale Crover. Where M. has sounded somewhere between SoCal hardcore (whilst screaming) and Albini (when singing in a lower register), "Loop One" has him reminding me of Genesis P-Orridge on this one; it's a drowsy, almost hypnotized (as opposed to hypnotizing) voice, sounding as if channeled from out of body. And just to texture it extra creepily, J.'s breaking out sparse, minimal Rowland S. Howard-esque guitar lines and M.'s got this sort of laughing thing in the background. Somebody obviously drew a pentagram in chalk on the floor and lit candles all over the place; the guys are definitely trying to fuck with you on this one.
"Service" continues the brain-fuckery with a laid-back beat and a bass befitting any stoner metal band laid over guitar feedback drones. (I think the Korg is handling the drone on the first song.) If "Loop One" was demon worship, "Service" is bong worship. So, while "Loop One" (sans drums) would work in a Roman Polanski movie, "Service" is going to be the one that pops up in a Jim Jarmusch (Did I spell that right? I can't be arsed to look it up.) flick, given Jarmusch's affection for bands like Earth and Boris, for real, watch The Limits of Control some time, the soundtrack just big, droning, stoner metal. (For real, J. and M., you need to contact Jarmusch's people about getting an extended cut of "Service" into one of his flicks. Hell, do both of these songs. How are you not going to want to watch Bill Murray tool around Italy or wherever in a big gas-hog of a car and not want to hear Pink City? That's just foolish. Fuck it. I'm taking over managing this band and I'm calling Jarmusch's people my damned self. I'll take the industry standard cut of ten percent of the take for brokering the deal.) (OK, so I'm not actually going to do that because A) I don't have Jim Jarmusch's people's number and B) I have no clout in the film industry and C) I have enough shit to deal with here as some little asshole grafitto tagged the house and my paycheck bounced [How the fuck does a payroll check bounce?] and D) I'm lazy.) (So get on it.)
Speaking of lazy, albeit parenthetically, if any of you, my little illiterati, are feeling lazy on a Saturday afternoon, you could pick worse ways of spending your time than listening to Loop One. It's two songs. What do you have going on that's so important? That's right. Nothing. So go to it. Remember, one member is an author here, so if you read this blog and don't listen to his band, you are a bad person. So pack a bowl, get out your Baphomet figurine, and have fun for the next nine minutes, six seconds. You won't be disappointed.

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