06 March, 2012

Hi there! I know you really needed to hear another male comment on female health issues.

Hi, how you doing? Me? I'm doing just fine with my-big-ol'-phallus-occupying-self and my qualifications to discuss women's health issues. I'm just going to go ahead and make the following statement on behalf of men who fancy themselves to be intelligent, educated, and just. Ready? Here we go: Men, particularly those of "the cloth" and any in scrubs with motives contradictory to the Hippocratic Oath, have no place commenting on women's health issues as the welfare of women takes a backseat to the (oft-misinterpreted) will of their deities or the (oft-miscalculated) taxation of their constituents.
Women, all of them, are here now, can be scientifically proven to exist (unlike the plethora of gods represented by men of cloth), and pay taxes just as much as anyone else (while often making less money for the same work, go figure). Health and medicine is a science-based issue. Health is not a faith-based issue or a tax issue. Or at least it wasn't a tax-based issue until Republicans said that lower tax rates were more important than a citizen's health but that's a-whole-nother issue.
But it's like this: A woman has a right to the medicines - contraception included - she needs, the will of her deity and her fellow taxpayers notwithstanding. And it's not "ought to have a right", it's "has a right". She has this right, right now; it's men of the cloth and men in government (and a few backward women, too, to be honest) that are standing in her way.
And here's reason to move to Canada (or just about anywhere goddamned else) #5,301,431: This woman...
... who was barred from speaking before Congress about her right because congress wanted to listen to men of cloth, who was subsequently invited by House Minority Leader Pelosi (yes, a Democrat but also, check this out, a woman) to speak before the Democratic House on the subject of women's health, is now being personally and viciously attacked throughout the internet. And for what? Because she wants women to have access to all medicine under the insurance coverage that they pay for? She wants the - Oh no! - government to step in and see to it that insurance companies not be allowed to deny a particular kind of medicine because it doesn't jive with their moral code? And she's called "slut", "prostitute", "whore", and worse for this? The right wing goes so far as to manufacture a conspiracy around her (the "she's really thirty!" bit)?
Is this really where we're at as a country in 2012?
Am I going to find myself writing a post called "Hi there! I know you really needed to hear another white guy comment on black issues" in a few years, too? Because, hey, as long as the public discourse surrounding women in this country has devolved to pre-suffrage levels, let's just go for broke and resegregate the schools while we're at it.
And in case any tea party nut bar happens to read this (by the way, hi, you're in the wrong place), this is more or less the crux of Sandra Fluke's address:
When you let university administrators or other employers, rather than women and their doctors, dictate whose medical needs are legitimate and whose are not, a woman's health takes a backseat to a bureaucracy focused on policing her body.
- Sandra Fluke before the Democratic House of Representatives
Notice how nothing she said had anything to do with wanting tax payers paying for her to have wanton rampant sex all over the place. Notice how nothing she said denounced faith, hell, she still attends Georgetown, a Catholic school. She's simply saying - well, shit, do I have to repeat it? It's right there in black and white pixels on your screen. It's simple enough to follow, to understand, and, no, I'm not going to sum it up because, hey, the whole penis thing, remember? She's said her piece succinctly and the last thing those words need are a phallic perspective twisting them around.
And if I could let my gender dictate my actions for a second, I will hereby pronounce Sandra Fluke as my future ex-wife number two, right behind Björk, thereby bumping every other future ex-wife of mine further down the list. Yes, even Milla Jovovich. Why? Because Sandra, Ms. Fluke if you're nasty, is taking a stand and handling the resulting abuse like a champ. I hope that nothing will happen to deter her as this (unnecessary) debate continues.
Also? Cute lawyer. That part can't be overlooked, either.

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