14 February, 2012

On procrastination...

In the last eighteen hours, I have been treated to two little gems of free music that have reminded me that I need to get off my ass and do up some reviews. The first, which I received yesterday evening, was my long-awaited prize from the Austerity Program's 2010 record release contest, their cover of John Barry's theme to Bruce Lee's Game of Death. Normally, I would stream this but Justin from AP has informed me that it's also going to appear on a comp in the near future and has asked that I not share / stream it just yet. The second, which I received about twenty minutes ago, comes from Bone & Bell, a little Valentine's day song. No, not to me, to everybody on her mailing list.

If only...
But, yeah, totally have to get off my ass, because all this music is piling up and I've got a backlog like a... Hmm. There's a badonkadonk joke in there, somewhere. But (heh heh, "but"), for real, I've got a ton of stuff still sitting next to my desk from PRF Auktoberfest 2010. In the coming weeks, you can expect (for sure) some reviews on the following records:
  • Hitch, Clair.Obscur. Noisy Belgian post-punk band my Secret Santa sent me for Xmas (along with my delay pedal).
  • Rowland S. Howard, Teenage Snuff Film. I was a participant in Brendan's research project and he gave me a fifteen dollar gift certificate to Amazon. I used it to buy this for myself for my birthday.
  • She Ripped, Ultra-Social Happy Man. I told Jake I would. (This one got done on 31 March, 2012.)
  • Pink City, Loop One. I told M. I would. (I just did, 3 March, 2012.)
I also have a Three Second Kiss CD I thought about reviewing and I should probably get on that as well. Then I wanted to do a review on a Lines & Terminals CD that I got at Auktoberfest but I don't know if I should since I'm under the impression (it was fifteen months ago, so the memory's a bit hazy) that it was a one-off thing especially for Auktoberfest, replete with handmade wooden packaging. So I could review it, yeah, but what good could that do for those of you who can't go out and pick it up?
And then, like an idiot, I told M. we should do another Point/Counterpoint with this backlog. Should be incentive enough for me to clean my plate before asking for seconds.

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