09 February, 2012

Last night's dinner and dinner from the night before that.

Because this is totally exciting for you.
A variation on fish and chips - I usually resort to fish when I've forgotten to get something out to thaw the night before because fish thaws in ten minutes in cold water.
I breaded the fish and baked it and fried some taters with kosher salt and seared some shallots - I've got this shallot and I don't know what the fuck else to do with it. There's also some red pepper tartar sauce - I was out of pickle and I needed to use up some red bell pepper. It wasn't bad.
Fried chicken breast with the batch of homemade tartar sauce I'd made before. I'm fairly certain that tartar sauce doesn't keep that long with just saran wrap over it, so I used that as a condiment for the chicken the day after I made it. Also, those are homemade croutons. Because I'm fancy like that.

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