14 February, 2012

Hey, remember Björk Bjlögs?

This isn't a Björk Bjlög - which are still nine kinds of whatever adding hilarious to adorable yields - but it's still just as funny, even if it's taking one goofy Björk video from eons ago (the actual Björk video in the post I linked to) out of context. I came across this video while watching YouTube installments of Inside Björk, a documentary about, well, Björk. (And if you're at all interested in Iceland's other exports, check out Screaming Masterpiece; she's in there as well and, let me tell you, in neither documentary does she come across as anything less than perfectly sane.)
ANYhoo, the video to the left comes courtesy of actress / writer / director / singer / celebrity impersonator / etc. Leeni, whose YouTube channel also features her as Björk delivering a singing telegram.

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