30 January, 2012

Your weekly musicians' ads.

Pickin's. They's slim. What can I tell you? It's finally cold here.
Our first entrant, interestingly enough, has decided to do all the work for me; I can't add one damnable thing to his ad that would convince you any more than he, himself, already has that going into business with him would be a disastrously losing venture. After all, he "will handle all the legal part of it".

making a record label for under ground rap (fridley MN.)

Date: 2012-01-28, 2:14AM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Hello my name is xxxx Xxxxx I want to start a record label for under ground rap but I need people that wuld do what ever it takes to make it some one with recording equipment dose not have to be anything professional but good sound quality I will handle all the legal part of it I will pay for all of the legal paper work but need tow people that have a the same amount of passion for music as me if you have any interest or questions please email me thank you

  • Location: fridley MN.
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I fucking love this next guy; he's even more bitter and disillusioned than I am.

Let's form a Band...& break up... (LS)

Date: 2012-01-27, 9:59PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Yeah, Let's form a Band..

Waste $ Buing gear we can't afford,
Waste time learning songs no-one likes,
Get wasted,
Get our friends jealous & fight,
& then break up before the T-shirts or demo is done.

Sounds fun.

  • Location: LS
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Our next entrants are going to be filed under one of the few times I skip the anonymization.

Like Marilyn Mason Tool NIN Rob Zombie SOAD Static X Deftones? (Minneapolis)

Date: 2012-01-26, 4:46PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Wanna help fuck the world? Uh... no? Original Project "The Pleasantville Horror Show" Here we go. Is looking for members. A Horror/shock rock Alt Metal project years in the making is recruiting members for the full band. We Need A Bassist, a Guitarist, and a Drummer. Vocal skill is a plus. We have original lyrics written and are currently writing music to go with. SSSooo... poems? We are Currently two members. Zac Strange and Jeremee DC Strange. the "Strange Brothers" Oh, Jesus Christ. Zac writes all the lyrics about his views on life and society. politics. social issues. and whatever else he finds in the depraved corners of his mind. Sounds deep, man. Growing up a trained musician Zac jumps from drums to bass to guitar to his Organ when writing. So, what you're saying is that all of the instruments you need are precisely the ones one of you plays... and... neither of you thought... I mean come on! Jeremee grew up a child of Motley Crue and when his older brother Zac started writing the poetry that have now become the lyrics for our madness. Stop it, guys, just stop it. You aren't "crazy", you aren't "disturbed", you're not legitimately mentally ill, OK? So post a regular ad where you ask for the musicians you need to join your band, list a few influences, and be done with it. Really. We are greatly influenced by Marilyn Manson System of a Down Nine Inch Nails (Old) Disturbed Tool Primus and many others. Ever hear of a band called Use Commas? So were looking for young ambitious musicians who like to rock. like to party. and who would like to be a part of what will hopefully be the next big rock band. please email me with some basic information and a phone number to contact you on.

"Fuck that! I want my rockstars dead! I want 'em to fucking play with one hand and put a gun in their other fucking hand and go, "I hope you enjoyed the show. Bang!" - Bill Hicks Great, so you took the set up of a popular Bill Hicks joke out of context to prove what? That you didn't get the point of that joke in its entirety? Please, just go away and don't come back.

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And the winner this week's "Straight to the Goddamned Point" award goes to...

Bass Player looking (your mom)

Date: 2012-01-26, 12:41AM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Sick of all the Bullshit.

Looking to Rock and get shit done.

Looking for Bad Attitudes.

Doosh bags need not apply.

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