17 January, 2012

Yesterday's lunch.

After Sunday's dinner, I boiled the remaining lobster carcasses, shells and all, along with a chicken carcass from Saturday's dinner to make a broth / base. The remaining meat was used in this sandwich.
That's chicken meat (that tasted more like lobster) along with scraps of lobster leg meat on whole grain bread butts with a slice of roma tomato, red onion, extra sharp cheddar, and (you know it) Tapatío.
Yes, I found Tapatío again. It was at the Asian market. I wondered out loud if Hai Nguyen had it as they had a large aisle end cap of Hispanic spices. Lo! and behold! I found a bottle while Little John (who said it was doubtful that they stocked it) and Carson hunted down lemons.
I am now the happiest man in my zipcode.

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