12 January, 2012

OK, so I took the day off yesterday.

M. posted his first installment of his top thirty records of 2011 yesterday and I said, Thank fuck, because I felt like shit yesterday. I didn't get home until three thirty that morning and, no, I wasn't coming home from the bar.
So, having not gotten to sleep until 0430CST yesterday morning and then waking up at 0930CST with a half hour left before opening the office, not only did I not have anything to post, I didn't even feel like trying to come up with anything. So, I figured M. put up a post, that's keeping the content fresh, all I really have to do is focus on not falling asleep and occasionally let the scent that had gotten trapped in my moustache waft up every once in a while as a cheeky reminder.
By the way, if you haven't read either of M.'s posts yet, just keep scrolling down. Otherwise, the only musically related thing I got is this.
I have no idea what Honeyshed is, so I looked it up. It was, I guess, some radical new direction in internet advertising that didn't work out and got shut down in February '09. From Brian Morrissey's typepad:
... The idea was described as “QVC Meets MTV.” It’s really a bunch of attractive hipsters talking about products. The vibe was strange, the girls are hot and the commerce is overt.

The Publicis-Droga5-Smuggler venture was very different, very risky. The content is strange and the business model is different. This is an instance of an agency actually creating a media property, not just running a campaign for a client. It had the possibility of marrying branded entertainment + e-commerce + performance advertising. Too many people in the ad industry, in my experience, complain about the status quo without doing a thing to change it. Honeyshed, for all its many flaws, didn’t do that.
SSSooo... infomercials for hipsters? I can tell you why it failed: Nobody watches infomercials. Not even ironically. And nobody looks for infomercials online.
But I looked for some videos. One was trying to sell bras. I didn't mind that too much as it was a trio of women in bras standing against a green screen of the Alps with some meatneck-bro standing around wearing ski gear... I guess maybe that's the weird part Morrissey mentioned. So things with the dancing lady cops in chrome panties and Ryan Flynn (from Monday's video alert) getting tied to railroad tracks? Maybe that was par for the course. I mean, look at this:
For real. What the fuck is that? That must have been one of the bits between the infomercials. Imagine...
Remember The Fifth Element? Remember the cigarettes in that movie, how the filters were longer than the tobacco portion? What if that's what's happening to TV and such? I mean, Hulu used to show only one commercial at a time back when it launched. Now it shows two or three of them. What if, like the cigarettes from The Fifth Element, the commercials - traditionally the short part that nobody wanted (like the filter) - are becoming longer than the program - the long part everybody wanted (like the tobacco)? Was that what Honeyshed was doing?
OK, so anyhow, I just thought it was a nice little video. It was musically related - I mean, it is a song and dance number - and it was out there. Just like we all like. It's a little out of left field, a little out of nowhere, and a little out of context. The kind of stuff to which we can all stroke our chins to and go, "Huh."
Oh and then there's this:

I made it as large as I can.

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