22 January, 2012

Last night's dinner.

Chili rellenos!
I had no idea how to make these but Georgie raves about them and I figured, Hell, I already buy poblano peppers, let's give it a go.
If you've never had one - Well, hold on. I've never had one. Never had one, never made one, so Georgie was my guinea pig last night so I could be sure I made them right.
So here's what it is: A poblano stuffed with cheese and deep fried. That's it.
Here, I looked up some recipes right quick and culled what I needed from each. Long and short of it, since I was feeding three people - Georgie, Little John, and myself - I bought three healthily sized poblanos and a ten ounce package of queso fresca (a white, crumbly cheese that melts well). I thought for sure that I would have too much cheese. Nope. Ten ounces between three peppers is just enough.
Then I had to make a batter. I've actually never done this before so I guessed. Two eggs and three tablespoons of flour (along with some salt, pepper, Chalula, and Tapatío) did the trick. I then rolled the peppers in the batter and fried them each a few minutes per side in a half inch of extra virgin olive oil.
The rice was reddened with hot sauce, chili powder, and cumin. The black beans were cooked with red onion, lime juice, and cilantro.
Georgie said they were awesome but also mentioned that the chili rellenos she'd had were normally softer, almost like they had been boiled. The poblanos I used were fresh from the market that day and so crisp. And spicy. And made my asshole sting like a hive of bees this morning.

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