08 January, 2012

Instead of last night's dinner, look at this morning's breakfast.

I dropped the ball and forgot to take a picture of last night's brisket, so I'll try to make up for it by posting a pic of this morning's breakfast that utilized the leftovers.
The brisket was cooked in its juices with a can of Pabst (aka cooking beer) (What? They make cooking wine. Stands to reason that there should be a cooking beer.) and a stick of butter with half a red onion, a medium-sized shallot, four cloves of garlic, three carrots, and three red taters. I also used that mysterious seasoning packet that came with the brisket.
This morning, I prepared my spaghetti sauce and had to do a quick sear on the meatballs. I know red meat makes its own grease but I wanted the flavor of olive oil in there, so I seared the meatballs in olive oil and tossed them in the crock with the sauce.
Having a pan full of olive oil and meat grease and having not had breakfast yet, I decided to heat up the left over brisket in strips in the hot oil / grease left in the pan. Then I went for broke and tossed in the remaining onion and tater chunks.
The eggs I fried over easy in butter and topped with the last of my smoked cheddar (impulse buy).

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