04 January, 2012

I just really enjoy the animation in this video.

In keeping with that I'm constantly behind on everything, I'm sure that you've probably heard this song. I've heard it, too. And not just in those Kia commercials, I caught this song on Letterman one night. Now, I don't remember what the fuck I was doing watching Letterman, I think it was on the TV in the communal space one night during the summer. (For my non-Central time zone peeps, you have to remember that all TV here happens an hour earlier, thus Letterman comes on at 2230CDT in the summer when the office is open until 2300CDT.)
Thing is, I'd not seen the video. Where the fuck am I going to see the video? MTV? VH1? Shit, remember Fuse? I remember Fuse. And then I had to relinquish my stolen cable after I moved out of 307 East so I don't even know if Fuse is still a thing and if they still show videos. Either way, the only time I watch TV (on a TV) anymore is when I turn on CNN while I cook and eat dinner. Otherwise...
So, I saw this video yesterday and - I'm not going to lie - as played out as this song is, I still dug it for the animations (and that, while musically appealing, this song must be boring as hell to play).

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