24 January, 2012

Bizarre (not really) Coincidence of the Day

OK, so these two things really aren't all that similar but as I was leaving the liquor store the other day, I spotted the cover of this week's City Pages and thought, That looks awfully like Staring at the Sea. I don't know, maybe the photographer, Jana Freiband, had that record on sometime before the shoot and was subliminally influenced or something. I don't know, side-by-side, these really don't look all that alike but I didn't have anything else today, so I'm calling it.

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  1. For more musically related mayoral hijinks, there's also this article from KARE 11 News (http://www.kare11.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=837613&catid=391):

    MINNEAPOLIS-- Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin today placed a friendly wager over the outcome of Sunday's NFC championship game between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints, wagering each other CDs that represent each city's thriving local music scene.

    The independent Minneapolis music store The Electric Fetus will donate three CDs of Minneapolis music to the City of New Orleans on the remote chance that the Saints win on Sunday. When the Vikings win, however, Mayor Nagin will send the City of Minneapolis three CDs of New Orleans music.

    "While Minneapolis and New Orleans may be far away from each other, two fundamental things run through them: a river and great music," Mayor Rybak said. "At both the headwaters and the mouth of the Mississippi, music thrives and world-class music scenes make both cities great."

    "While I'd be happy to bring Mayor Nagin up to speed on Minneapolis' cutting-edge music scene with some great local CDs from our friends at The Electric Fetus, I'm looking forward instead to listening to some great New Orleans music as the Vikings prepare for the Super Bowl," Mayor Rybak continued.

    Nagin, understandably, does not concur. "We wish the Vikings a good, safe game," said Mayor Nagin. "I know that Mayor Rybak would enjoy the CDs of New Orleans music. Unfortunately for him, the hard-driving black and gold will make it unlikely that he will win them through this wager. We will have to figure out some other way to introduce our northern friends to the things that make the Who Dat nation unique."

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