22 January, 2012

Another one I drew at the bar.

This is the fortieth and last of the first series of sketches - one every other page to accommodate for ink bleed - in the sketchbook that Carson gave me on my thirtieth birthday, last year.
Since receiving it, I have, once a week, gone to the Black Forest Inn every Sunday after my bike ride around the lakes to sip a little late morning / early afternoon hair of the dog while listening to old crooners and chatting with Theresa.
Since this was the last in this series, I decided to go with what I know best, deviating from my current repertoire of fake advertisements and movie posters, and draw a female figure study with a guitar. Because that's what I know I can do best: Women and guitars.
The idea came to me soon after completing the head shape; I saw her face, something expectant, and decided to draw that; large eyes and parted mouth. There was also very little in the way of drawing her frame first; I tend to draw nudes and then "clothe" them. This time, I drew only a very basic frame and little of what you see here had to be "framed" first. I also decided that, in order to be a cool punk rock gal, she needed to have a thrift store t-shirt of some sort, which is why she's sporting a "Track & Field" t. I'm actually really, really happy with this one. Because of the look on her face, I decided to title this piece "Between Songs".
Only question, though, and I'm serious: Ladies, help me out. Guitar straps vs. your boobs. How does this work?

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