26 December, 2011

Your Weekly Musicians' Ads (Boxing Day Edition!)

With how nice the weather's been lately - save for a brief snow scare - you'd seriously think that Halloween was right around the corner. Alas, today is boxing day the traditional day of Canadians... um... boxing polar bears or something.

Oddly enough, that's the same outfit I'm wearing right now.
So let's do as the Canadians do (I don't know, do they do this?) and make fun of us some musicians! After all, my weather theory is holding up.

The only way to make it, is to make IT the only way (buffalo, MN)

Really? That's how you want to introduce yourself?

Date: 2011-12-25, 4:51PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Hello, Hello.
My name is Emily, I'm sorry, I meant hello. [wink] and Im looking to start an acoustic project with diffrent people. Types of bands I like are Lifehouse, The Fray, One Republic, Adele, John Mayer, and a thousand more. Really? A thousand more. You counted them, then.
I know most of you are probably thinking, Hold on to your butts. oh shes into the poppy commercialized stuff. This goes out to you people, stop trying to critisize the music industry for what it is today, I do realize that there is a lot of commercialism going on out there and I understand that a lot of people dont like the modern day "popular" scene as it is reflected off of current mainstream artists such as Ke$ha, Justin Bieber and many more. I realize that a lot of you dont like songs that are drown in auto tune and reverb. Truth be told, I have nothing against those people. Cause there has to be some sort of talet there to begin with for them to be selling millions of records and selling out concert halls. Okay, now that im done with my rant, Yeah, where the fuck did that come from? I can get into what Im actually looking for.

Im looking for people who are willing to collab on some songs/write songs. I have currently written some music that I'd be happy to demo for you. It'll be strictly Acoustic, ie. acoustic guitars/world precussion (cajun, tamborine, shakers, etc.) and of course, a bass guitar (can be acoustic or electric Even though you're saying this will be strictly acoustic.) Besides all that, I would eventually like to perform mostly original matieral and get a demo out there. Music is my life, Oh, Jesus Christ! I live it and I breath it... You breathe air. You inhale air, your lungs take in the oxygen from the air, and you exhale carbon dioxide rich air. You don't respire music. this is what I want to do, weather it be writing, recording or performing.

My equipment Includes:
-(2)Zoom R-16 multitrack recorder/Audio interface 1
-Cubase LE 5 recording software 2
-MXL 990 condenser mic with shockmount 3
-Shur SM57 Instrument/vocal Mic 4
-Shur Beta 57A Mic 5
-Phonic UM-99 Dynamic Mic 6
-(2)standard boom mic stands 7
-(2)Pop Filiters 8
-(2)Studio Headphones 9
-M-Audio BX5A Delux Studio Monitors 10
-Taylor 414-ce Electric Acoustic guitar Ten. Ten items, including the goddamned pop filters, are listed before she even mentions an instrument.
-Taylor 914-ce Electric Acoustic Guitar
-Gibson Les Paul Standard (Sunburst)
-Casio W-200 Keyboard
-Boss TU-2 Tuner
-Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
-Boss TR-2 Tremolo
-Maxon 0D808 Overdrive
-Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah
-Boss FS-5U
-Boss OC-3 Super Octave
-Boss GE-7 Equalizer
-Line 6 DL4 Delay modular/loop
-Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
-Whirlwind A/B selector
-Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah
-Strings/Cables/Pics/Stands/gear bags
-Ibanez TA-35 Acoustic Amp

I currently no longer own my PA system, or marshal amp as they were recently stolen from me. OK, that sucks and you legitimately have my sympathy. Plan to get the passport series PA system soon for small venues.
You are welcome to use my gear as use your own. Looking forward to meeting you. =]

  • Location: buffalo, MN
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PostingID: xxxxxxxxxx

OK, remember last week's batch of ads? Remember how I made fun of that gal for wanting to start a Tragically Hip cover band and claiming that there were voices in her head? Yeah, turns out that was a guy. Yeah, I know, he referred to himself as so and so's kid sister; show's you what I get for trusting people. Anyway, he's back. And he's talking about himself in the third person.

Drummer for hire, hurry! (Farmington, MN)

Date: 2011-12-24, 11:12AM CST
Reply to: xxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com

Xxxx Xxxxxx the premier drummer of the metro area is now looking for projects. The highest bidder will get first stab at Xxxx's time and effort. Xxxx started drumming as a toddler, at age eight his Mom got him a drum set and lessons. Xxxx is a former roadie, and also owned a small record label for a short time. Xxxx will play on short notice, and travel vast distances for great music. Xxxx has a flexible day job, and unlimited energy for music. Throw him into any situation and he shows what a pro he is. Xxxx's major influences are Sam Fogarino of Interpol, Nathan Folowill of Kings of Leon, and Jonny Fay of The Tragically Hip.

Xxxx is now ready to consider new projects. Please e-mail tracks or videos to the address listed. Or you can find him on Facebook under Xxxx Xxxxxx. Youtube videos are here http://youtu.be/xxxxxxxxxxx & herehttp://youtu.be/xxxxxxxxxxx. Yes, I changed those links. See the drummer that Rock Critic Adam Godes called "The best Drummer on the scene." Do not make sudden movements, or explosive noises near Xxxx. You, sir, are quickly becoming to me who Herman Cain was to The Daily Show. Great music is always appreciated.

Call Xxxx at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

  • Location: Farmington, MN
  • it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: xxxxxxxxxx

Male looking for Female singer/instrumentalist for Acoustic Duo (NE Minneapolis)

Date: 2011-12-23, 4:04PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Hey all - I'm looking for a female who would be interested in starting up a low key You know, low pressure, no strings attached at first sort of friends with benefits kind of thang. duo Oh. in the vein of The Swell Season Never heard of. or She and Him. That's the Zooey Deschoweveryouspellit one, right? I'm a multi instrumentalist (looking mostly to sing and play guitar) SSSooo... You're a guitarist? looking for someone interested in singing, playing something (guitar, keys, violin, clarinet, etc...), and doing some writing. I have a number of original songs in need of some help with lyrics...writing lyrics myself seems to be my achilles heal. Just looking to play some covers and work on a couple of originals to start...who knows, maybe it could turn into a duo that would be great at local coffee shops or small bars? Seems to be the appropriate context for this venture, yes. Let me know if you are interested!

  • Location: NE Minneapolis
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PostingID: xxxxxxxxxx

80.s Metal Drummer looking for 2 HeavyMetal Guitarists to join my band

Date: 2011-12-22, 8:31PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

Hi my name is xxxx and Im getting my band back together and Im looking for two 80.s metal guitarists that love the 80.s era of metal cause it kicksass bands I would like to play are Ironmaiden judaspriest dokken whitesnake cinderella acdc scorpions kiss and more!!!!! Sadly, the quintuple exclamation point is the only correct punctuation in this entire ad. If your Interested you can call my cell at xxx-xxx-xxxx my name is xxxx You said that already. As in that was the first thing you said. thanks

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image 0
PostingID: xxxxxxxxxx

I Wanna put some songs on I-Tunes

Date: 2011-12-22, 11:38AM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

and get rich. Right out of the fuckin' gate with this guy. I wanna sing some old legacy public-domain tunes with an organ, or
keyboard, which I have in my small apartment, and / or the guitar you bring to the sessions.
Looking for a good guitar that does not sing (else would not need me). and who will do
considerable work-up rehearsal for the first song, "Pretty Baby"---Everybody loves a baby,
that's why I'm in love with you, Pretty Baby!" Not a duo or partnership, MY song, Wait. You wrote that? That sucks. It's vaguely molestery and it sucks. Unwrite that, please. but if it
makes money, you get half, and back up credits. I put it on Tunecore. I have Cakewalk software for beats.
I play nothing, just sing.

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do you wana be original? (Farmington)

Just like everyone else.

Date: 2011-12-19, 11:57PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

im the singer/song writer looking for all new members to revamp this band for the 3rd time..i am 37 and not getting any younger Of course you're not getting younger. Nobody gets younger. Ageing doesn't go in reverse, everybody knows that. So you know what? Just say you're thirty seven. We're all cool with it, B. ..i have over 40 original songs to start with that YOU as a musician will have open range to do what ever you like with in the chord progressions i have OK, first of all, you're saying that you want me to play the songs the way you wrote them, right? That's kind of what chord progressions are: the song. Second of all, please learn where the periods go. Do you see where I put mine? Immediately after the last word in a sentence, not a space over and placed immediately in front of the first word of the following sentence. .it will be a long road before we would do any paying gigs so you must have patience , dedication , be sober,and have no ego or attitude that gets in the way of being a team player .because im not looking to waste anymore time spending a year or 2 practicing then have everyone flake on me.. weather its due to drugs,alcohol,women,babies Babies? Really? Man, if your bandmate left because of a baby, that's not "flaking out" on you. What that is is taking on a much larger and mature and horrifying commitment than you've certainly ever undertaken. Your bandmate left to take care of another human being, you dolt. 'Blah blah blah flake on me...' Pfft! The cajones on you. ..etc etc..know where your heart is before you waste both our times contacting me..I WANA PLAY MUSIC FOR A LIVING! STOP YELLING! if you truly feel the same; i should not need to explain anything further .

listen to these ruff cut samples , if you like em? then lets talk! . http://www.reverbnation.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxx Yes, I changed that link, too.

  • Location: Farmington
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sludge drums (stpaul)

Date: 2011-12-19, 5:04PM CST
Reply to: comm-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx@craigslist.org

lookin for someone who wants to smoke a bunch of weed and make slow as fuck disgusting ass sludge songs. i play guitar i like shit like accept death, fistula, rwake, crowbar, sleep etc

  • Location: stpaul
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