28 December, 2011

Y'all need to start informing me of these things sooner.

I just found out Donald Glover, aka Troy from Community, raps under the name Childish Gambino (reportedly a name he picked up from a Wu-Tang Clan band name generator). It's pretty good. I'm digging it, anyway, and I'm pretty picky about my rap music; since it's not a genre I'm all that familiar with, usually something has to really stand out to get me to pay attention to it and this got my attention. Not simply because it's Troy from Community but because the beats are tasty, the samples are classy, the production is pretty slick, and there are a lot of quick, fly-right-by-you sub-culture references. (For example, he breaks out a Toe Jam and Earl reference on "Bonfire". OK, A) I'm pretty sure nobody but me remembers that game. And B) that game actually kind of sucked.) Also, it kind of explains how "Donde Esta La Biblioteca" was pulled off as flawlessly as it was.
You can check out the video for "Bonfire" off of Camp here (Watch it. You'll like it.) and you can listen to one of the bonus songs, "Longest Text Message", from that same record below. (Listen to it. You'll like it.)


  1. Pitchfork absolutely bent his album over the table. It was really vitriolic.

  2. If it doesn't wear neon pink sunglasses, a keffiyeh, and little sister pants, you can rest assured that Pitchfork will hate it.

    But, seriously, Ian Cohen goes off on Childish Gambino for making Casey Anthony and Human Centipede jokes and generally accuses Glover of being full of shit (while giving him a 1.6). I wonder what Mr. Cohen makes, then, of Tyler the Creator, who, back in may was awarded an 8.0 by fellow P-fork writer Scott Plagenhoef? Another young black man who dresses a little nerdy and is outrageously over the top in both his dark humor and his full-of-shit-ness - ie, has Tyler ever really chopped up a body? Long and short of it, I think Cohen probably just doesn't like this because Glover is on Community and, yes, even tells you in his lyrics to tune in on Thursdays. Here's the thing, though: It's a joke. Apparently one that went right over Cohen's head. Rap has always had a braggart element to it, Glover is going for the yucks with ironically stating the obvious almost as though he were the goddamned season promo.


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