12 December, 2011

A Special Edition of Your Weekly Musicians' Ads.

Sometimes, my little illiterati, the musicians' ads tell the story them-damned-selves. As a special supplement to the musicians' ads that will be up in maybe about an hour (it takes time to put these together, you know), I present to you, the unadulterated, unexpurgated story of Brian Mac.
Brian Mac is a guy whose name floats around on Craigslist from time to time. As he plays country music and I don't, I've never been in a position where I thought about joining his band. But here's the thing: Every time somebody brings him up, it's so they can talk massive amounts of shit about the guy. Now, I've never been in the same room as this guy, probably never the same neighborhood, so there's no way of verifying any of the claims folks make about him.
So this is one of those rare instances where you get to decide whether it's funny that he's pissed some people off or if it's funny that some people react the way they do.

Country Rock Band Reforming (Nashville)

Date: 2011-11-30, 7:34AM CST
Reply to: comm-ygwrv-2728136028@craigslist.org


I am reforming my band in the Nashville area. I have full production equipment and the ability to get this up and running by January 2012.
Looking for Pro players that want to work 8 to 10 or more, nights/days per month. Rehearse twice a month.
This is a no Drug, Drink on stage, or Drama Band.

The band is agent represented as well as self booking representation which is 80% of the bookings. I have no problem or cold feet in contacting venues. It is my strength.

I am looking for rehearsal space in the Bellevue area and will secure a space upon lining up all the players.

Attached is a sample playlist that was used when the band was in Minnesota and had a Female singer as well. I am still up in the air about having a female singer in the newly reformed band. There are pros and cons to that and I do think it should be discussed with the band members in a democratic manor.

The band will consist of:

1-Lead Guitar (Tele-Picker and all around player),
1-Acoustic/Electric Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocal/Utility (This position is filled)
1-Sound/Lights Tech (a paid working member of the band, not a hired gun. Sound companies need not contact this ad)
1-(Possible)Female Vocal/Keys and/or Utility

I have always maintained a $100 minimum cash payment per player per gig. I will feel out the region for this same money per gig. Anything lower and the band will be open for discussion prior to taking the booking. I always try and quite often succeed in getting food and or drink covered by the venue. No harm in asking and often the venue has no problem with it.
The band will be playing the regional bar scene but will strive to play Corporate, Wedding, Special Event gigs through the Agency that specializes in these contacts. Corporate gigs have paid 200-300 per band member. Less drunks and a more appreciative audience in this type of gig. So we will strive to book allot of them.

Again, the playlist below is reflective of the bands 3 set- 4hr show and had female songs. Together the new band members can add to the playlist with consideration to the popularity of the song and common consensus of the band members to for a 100% male list. In other words, I am very open to suggestions to rework the list for the quickest time to get up and playing out.

These are links to the bands recent performances in Minnesota.





The band has shot a Music Video and has design to do more. This is the video link to the original song written by Brian Mac.



138 Beer in Mexico - D

140 Love Don't Live Here Anymore --Ab (Capo 2)

95 Redneck Woman -- F# (Capo 3)

100 Do I Drive Women Crazy? - G

83 Suds in a Bucket -- Bb (Capo 2)

110 Somebody Like You - E

120 Free and Easy -- Gb (Ganjo Capo 4)

84 Chicken Fried -- Gb (Capo 3)

161 Down in Mississippi - D

90 Boondocks - E

82 Fishing in The Dark - D

94 Gun Powder and Lead - G

126 Fast as You - E



Stay -- D

88 Think I'll Just Sit Here and Drink - A

76 Tequila Sunrise -- G

90 Look it Up -- B (Capo 2)

110 Need You Now - (Capo 5)

68 You and Tequila - Db

97 Mr. Jack - D

128 Down On The Farm -- Bb (Capo 2)

122 Blame it on Waylon -- A

120 How 'bout You -- B

68 Big Green Tractor -- D

97 All I Want To Do - A

77 Small Town Saturday Night - (Capo 3)

126 Long White Cadillac -- E


84 Copperhead Road (Drop D)

123 Country is my Rock (Drop D)

117 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- D (Harp G)

72 Long Hair Country Boy (Drop D)

104 Folsom Prison Blues - F (Capo 2)

117 Walking After Midnight -- C

79 Lonesome USA -- G

76 Picking Wild Flowers - E

95 I Got Your Country Right Here -- C

105 Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - E

127 Kerosene -- G

70 Country Boy -- E

87 Drinking Dark Whiskey -- A

86 Guitars, Cadillac -- A

Driving My Life Away -- E
(Say Good Night)

Reserve and Request list
126 Hurt So Good
124 Drunker Than Me - G
81 The Joker - F
Call Me the Breeze - D
134 Gimme 3 Steps - D
118 It's Time to take My Drunk Ass Home - D
Living in Fast Forward - A
105 Ring of Fire - A (Capo 2 Harmonica A)
Cowgirls Don't Cry - D (Harmonica D)
95 All Jacked Up
70 Old Man - D
Harvest Moon - G (Harmonica G)
Heart of Gold - G (Harmonica G)
84 Feel Like Making Love - D
Guys Like Me - G
92 Songs Like This -
She's So California - G
Honky Tonk Woman - G

Thanks for taking a look, I do hope you are serious and are a team player to want to join this band. After reading and viewing all this, please think deeply prior to contacting me to move forward. This band will never be a "Job". It will be a fun event and part of your life that you happen to make some pretty good money at. I do love having fun in the pocket on stage..Do You?

In your reply you must include an MP3 or YouTube of your play. Both is preferred. A picture of you presently and a little Bio is always good and shows a professionalism. One line responses will not be considered.

Thanks again,

Brian Mac

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Brian Mac needs musicians! (Nashville)

Date: 2011-12-11, 4:53AM CST
Reply to: comm-tnfhs-2747242528@craigslist.org

Well folks,

It trluy is sad that Brian Mac has devoured all the musicians here in Minnesota and now has moved on to infect the wonderful people in Tennessee! I am truly saddened that now I will have to watch the craigslist postings in Nashville for any chance to audition for the Brian Mac Band!!!!

I hope they don't let him back in this state!!!!


All lies!!!!

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RE: Brian Mac in Nashville (Reality)

Date: 2011-12-11, 9:38AM CST
Reply to: comm-ruzhz-2747419958@craigslist.org

Well it looks like he didn't do much research into what musicians get paid in Nashville. If he expects to pay each player $100 a gig, he is dreaming. I think the norm is more like $25 per player there. If players could make $100 gig in Nashville, EVERY Charlie, Dick and Harry would move there. I just find it amusing that he thinks that what applies in MN will apply to such a famous hotspot for music.

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brian mac in nashville??? wtf??? (everywhere)

Date: 2011-12-11, 6:24PM CST
Reply to: comm-mmymt-2748245038@craigslist.org

i am looking for brian mac....if i find the son of a bitch, he is toast!! i will take him out for what he has done to me and all of the other good musicians. i have warned everyone down here in nashville about him.he wont work down here. im waiting for him to show up down here....

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  1. The fact that he thinks he will book anything but a street corner in Nashville is laughable. The man is bordering on tone deaf and he can't play a song without looking up the chords on the internet which are "always right". The few songs he has penned himself all sound the same; Same chord progression, same shitty vocal, same picking style, etc. He can't hold on to a band member for more than a few months before the bullshit gets to be too much and they quit. Otherwise he fires people and makes up a ludicrous story about how they wronged him in some grievous fashion or another. It was hilarious that after he fired me for not going along with his bullshit, I got picked up by another band the same week. He then proceeded to harrass this other band for "stealing me". I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. A message to Mr. Brian Mac (Childs) if you ever happen to read my post: Karma is a bitch. I hope you're ready. Your downfall (you don't have far to go) will be watched and enjoyed by all those you have shit on in the past.

  2. Oh, I could tell stories. Could I ever. The shit he did to the people that were in the band when he left for Nashville was completely uncalled for, not to mention the most childish behavior ever displayed by a full grown man.


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