23 December, 2011

Not that anybody gives a shit.

Since acquiring my delay pedal for Xmas, I've been trying to see where it fits in in some KRAKOA songs. So far, it's been faring handily in the following:
  • "Forest of Treachery"
  • "The Art of Chinese Kite Building"
  • "A Division of Parliaments"
  • "In the Eyes of the Dacryphile's Paramour"
Respectively, that's one off Century Gothic and 5 songs each and the last two songs from Over That Wall, the Orchard is On Fire. Tomorrow, when I have some time, I'll start futzing with songs from Explorations in Low-Fidelity, which I drenched in echo during the mix. It's kind of nice to know that, should KRAKOA ever become a real live band again, that these songs could be played live.

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