16 December, 2011

It's Friday. Rest in peace, Christopher Hitchens.

I never met Christopher Hitchens but I thought he was a cunt.
A cunt so far as I could tell from his articles and videos available online. He was mouthy, snide, arrogant, and, worst of all, well-informed, well-read, well-spoken, sound, and, even more worse than that, right. After watching him handle a few q&a sessions at lectures, handling questions from people who either half-listened to or half-understood what he had to say, Hitch's lack of tolerance for ignorance showed through and that's where the cunt part comes in: If you asked him a stupid question, you were considered blessed if he simply told you to shut up and sit down because he didn't have time for your bullshit. The problem was that that was rarely his response in any of the footage I've seen. He'd engage the ignorant. He'd try to make them understand. And not make them understand his point but understand goddamned sense.
Read his July 2011 article on why the U.S. should cease funding Pakistan, for example. Read all of it. By the end of that article, there doesn't seem to be much that any politician, left, right, or centrist, can tell us that's going to make sense. The claim that we fund Pakistan for information is easily deflated by Hitch who reminds us: If that's the case, then where's the information that we pay them for?
Watch the (what should be) infamous video of him undergoing waterboarding.
And those are merely two examples of his recent work. Now I feel that I ought to go back and dig deeper to his earlier works. Perhaps over a glass of Johnny Walker Black. Or maybe, I'll just YouTube the man to death as I sit here, piloting the desk for the next ten and a half hours. It's not like I'll be having some sort of geek out over Hitch's weltanschauung - Well, I suppose that'd be exactly what it would be, wouldn't it? At least let me watch his revision of the ten commandments before I go about having a normal day in a normal world, a normal world in which I never met Christopher Hitchens, a normal world that is now one cunt less for his loss, a normal world that is millions of cunts stronger for his influence. Those millions, I consider myself to be one of.
And sometimes I just like saying cunt, so there's that.

See Vanity Fair's memorial slide show. Also be sure to check out Hitch's history of the blowjob.

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