14 December, 2011

I'm not entirely certain this is "Korobeiniki".

"Korobeiniki" being better known as the Tetris theme.
Anyway, check the babushka action to the left and tell me that isn't bad ass. At first, you're thinking that she's using a light bulb because she's poor until you remember that one episode of Doogie Howser, M.D. where the old blues guy couldn't play guitar without the aid of a bottle knife...

No. I'm totally for real.*
... and that Hendrix used to play slide guitar using a Zippo. And you think the babushka has a preference until you watch what she's doing carefully: She's employing the bulb on the higher strings, holding the stem over the lower strings which she has tuned to a predefined bassline when they're played open.
* I can't explain why but I've always remembered that one scene from Doogie Howser, M.D. (that and the one where Doogie's girlfriend's mom dies because she refused to wear seat belts). Considering it was from season two, episode six, that would place me at nine years old, five years before I started playing guitar. I thought I would have to sift through complete episode listings with only a vague, fleeting hope that I would find a quote to prove to you jackasses that I wasn't completely bonkers. Instead, when I Googled "Doogie Howser blues guitarist" I was taken to the Wikipedia page for Muddy Waters which revealed the title of the episode which is available on Hulu in its entirety. Tight.

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