08 December, 2011

Classic post: December 8th, 2010

You know, it feels kind of weird knowing that the day John Lennon was shot was five and a half weeks before I was born. I was still gestating inside my mother at that point. My mom was pregnant with me, had to process the news that John Lennon was shot, and then five and a half weeks later, push me out of her crotch. And now, every year, when people say, "John Lennon died [x number of] years ago, today," I know that that number of years is going to be the age I'm turning very shortly.
ANYhoo, here's last year's post from today.
OK, really?
Because I've been caught up with other things lately, I miss things.
John Lennon died thirty years ago today. Thirty one, today.
But you know what? I never met the man. I don't know a damned thing about him. But you know what else? That guy is a sight more important than Elvis, whose death clogs up the news cycle. What did Elvis ever do? Nothing.
John Lennon, though, yeah, I heard he was an asshole, too. But at least he was out there trying to get the world to embrace peace. I'll take an English asshole preaching peace over a good looking trucker talking about the ghetto he never grew up in any day of the week.
So, John Lennon? You're a worm-eaten corpse and all but you're alright in my book.
Even if you were an Elvis fan.

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