24 December, 2011

By now, you should be used to me being late on Saturdays.

Did some grocery shopping this morning, didn't need to get much, just some maters and some pork chops and things. The usual. Then made the beer run, not only is tomorrow Sunday, it's Sunday, too and since Minnesota has some antiquated blue laws regarding the sale of alcohol on Sundays*, I had to, like every weekend, buy for today and tomorrow. I cleaned my room and made a nice lunch of bacon and eggs. (Theresa from BFI got me a steak and some bacon from the butcher shop for Xmas.) I fried the eggs in the bacon fat and fried quarters of a flour tortilla in the fat that remained. I spread horseradish on the tortillas because I forgot that I had homemade guacamole in the fridge (which is kind of OK because I over did it a little on the lemon).
Then I practiced some more with the delay pedal, playing around with some songs from Explorations in Low-Fidelity, the one where I basically jock off Barry and Mancini for the duration of side A. "Spies in the Yard" sounds great through the delay but damn if it isn't a boring guitar composition. Go ahead and listen to it, paying close attention to what the guitar is actually doing. It's simple, it works, but it's only three notes. (The guitar part was sampled from an old four-track recording from back when I was at 307 East and had a wah pedal and an amp with a spring reverb. I then spliced some notes together and repitched them.**) I decided to busy myself during the guitar part by playing those three notes and adding a bit of a clicking sound to emulate the delay-heavy snare hit. I played the interlude heavier than I do on the recording essentially because I forgot how I played it on the recording. I didn't stand there and scratch my head wondering how it went, I just kind of figured it went the way I wound up playing it today. It broke the monotony.

* I found another antiquated blue law regarding alcohol as I tried to mail out Xmas gifts this past week. One of my packages contained a fifth of twelve year old Jameson. You know, the fifth that sets you back forty beans. (What? It's Xmas. I can't give somebody the regular, seven year old Jameson.) I slipped up and, like an idiot, told the guy at the counter what was in the package. The guy at the counter told me that I couldn't ship booze over state lines because it had something to do with each state's tax blah blah blah. This made no sense to me because A) I already bought it. The tax on it was paid. B) Each state's sales tax is different but I'm not prevented from sending books through the mail. C) Last year, I received a bottle of -
Maybe it was an international thing. I asked the guy at the counter as he stamped my mailable packages if maybe it was a domestic issue and not an international one because I'd received a bottle of rum last year from my secret Santa in Australia. The postal guy said he didn't know; maybe my guy in Australia had fibbed on the customs form. I said, Nope, he wrote 'Bundaberg Rum' right on the customs form.

Well, the post office guy didn't know what to tell me about that. So he told me to check with UPS or FedEx about sending booze.
Me? I thanked him out loud and said, Fuck that, internally as I was bound to get all of my Xmas packages out then and there so I could be done with this fucking holiday. So I biked the twelve blocks north to the next post office and lo! and behold! I no longer had a bottle of twelve year old scotch to send but a snow globe!

** That song, in particular, is full of samples of old four track recordings. In addition to the spliced guitar, the drums were culled from a four track session at this guy Rob's house. The sax was from the Over that wall... sessions. The cello was actually from a sample set of cello sounds I made when Roommate Tom's friend Marin left her cello at the house for a few weeks. The only things that were recorded specifically for that song were the bass - though I played the bass line differently for each "verse" and then rearranged the order I had played them in so it's still pretty close to being a sampling matter - and the oscillator during interlude. So, yes, I did play every instrument on that song (with the exception of Anders' saxophone), I just didn't play that song with them, if you get what I mean.

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