13 December, 2011

At least this is sort of musically related.

Go ahead and Google Quentin Tarantino sometime. Say you need to make a joke on a message board or on somebody's Facebook wall. Say you're in a heated argument with a friend over some aspect of QT's career and you need to prove you're right. Say you're writing a thesis on the guy. Who gives a shit? Just go Google Quentin Tarantino and pull up his IMDb page. See anything a bit "Huh?" in his acting credits? You'll know it when you see it. It's his third acting credit to be listed on the page. The one from 1988.

He's this one.
Yeah. QT played an Elvis impersonator on an episode of The Golden Girls.
You think I'm not going to hunt for that clip?
Obviously, this is your first time here.
Now, the Elvises (plural, multiple, more than one) don't come into play until 04:38 of this 05:50 video. And while I could start the video there automatically, I'm starting it from the beginning, just in case you want a little back story on why there are Elvis impersonators at Sophia's wedding rather than just going right to that point and looking at QT dressed as Elvis which, admittedly is not that exciting.
But it's a thing. That happened. Witness.

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